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The McKinney/McDowell Family

First Generation--
John McKinney , Sr., born 1735; died 1805, in Chester Co., SC; 70 years old. Married (1757) Elizabeth McDowell, born ca. 1741, in Frederick Co., VA; died May 15, 1825, in Jessamine Co., KY. She was buried in the Chrisman Burying Ground, near Nicholasville, KY. John fought in the Revolutionary War, serving as a lieutenant from Virginia, in a Penn. regiment. The family is listed in South Carolina in the 1790 census--at the time, there were two free white males over 16 in the house, 1 under 16, 3 white females, and 9 slaves! Most homes did not have slaves at the time, which indicates that the McKinney family were probably well-to-do.
After John’s death, Elizabeth, her recently widowed daughter Rebecca and children, and daughter Jane and family, all went to Kentucky, where they died.
According to Mildred Truman’s information, one of the McDowell descendants was Ephraim McDowell, MD, who performed the first abdominal surgery. Randy and I found the Ephraim McDowell House in Danville, KY, where he performed the surgery. He was also the local postmaster from July 1, 1799 to Oct. 1, 1801.
Rebecca McKinney,
born June 15, 1760, in Camden District, Virginia; died Nov. 12, 1838, Breckenridge Co., KY; 78 years old. Married
Jacob Cooper II. (The Camden district of Virginia was later divided into several counties, including Chester Co., SC)
2. Jane McKinney,
born in Frederick Co., VA. Married Richard Moss. They went to Kentucky with her mother and sister.
3. Hannah McKinney,
born 1765; died 1835. Married Hugh Chrisman, born 1769; died 1849. Their son Joseph married Margaret McDowell, who was a niece of Ephraim McDowell, famous doctor who peformed the first ovariotomy.

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 The McDaniel/Haynes Family

First Generation--
George McDaniel , born ca. 1765; in Amherst, VA; died in Marion Co., MO. Married (Sept. 6, 1790) Susannah Haynes , born Feb. 27, 1770; in Amherst, VA; died in Marion Co., MO.
George’s father was William McDaniel, his grandfather was John McDaniel. Susannah’s parents were William Haynes Jr., and Hannah Ellis. They were among the constituent members of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, which later became the Fordsville Baptist Church. William may have been the brother of John B. Haynes, also an early settler in Ohio Co. Fordsville was first established as the Haynesville post office, in 1837. The name was changed to Fordsville in 1847.
1. Mahala Jane McDaniel,
born 1792/4. Married Stephen Terry Thorp. They moved on to Missouri with the rest of the McDaniel clan.
2. George H. McDaniel,
born 1794, in Ohio Co., KY; died March 19, 1846, in Palmyra, Marion Co., MO; 52 years. Married (Feb. 22, 1825, in Ralls, MO) Charlotte A. Bruer.
3. Jesse McDaniel,
born Nov. 8, 1797, in Ohio Co., KY. Married (Nov. 18, 1824, Ohio Co., KY) Wealthy Ann Robertson. According to his great-great-grandson, Lloyd, Jesse wandered off in his wagon selling pots and pans one day, and died somewhere "on the trail."
4. William H. McDaniel,
born 1801, in Ohio Co., KY; died Dec. 14, 1866, Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID; 65 years old. Married (June 25, 1826, in Franklin Co., KY) Sarah Wash. Known as "Billy Mac, the Buster," William was a U.S. Senator in Missouri for a time--he was instrumental in getting the Trans. Pacific Railroad approved. He was used as a subject in a Mark Twain book!
Hannah McDaniel,
born Aug. 22, 1803, in Ohio Co., KY; died Sept. 23, 1875, Hannibal, Marion Co., MO; 72 years old. Buried in Providence Cemetery, Hannibal, MO. Married (Aug. 28, 1818, in Ohio Co., KY)
Jacob Manson Cooper, brother of sister Sarah’s husband. Another double connection!
6. Sarah McDaniel,
born Aug. 9, 1805; in Ohio Co., KY; died June 13, 1880, in Breckinridge Co., KY; 74 years old. She was buried in Cooper’s Cemetery. Married (Sept. 1825)
Joseph Henry Cooper, brother of sister Hannah’s husband.
7. Charles McDaniel, Sr.,
born Aug. 6, 1807, in Ohio Co., KY; died June 4, 1868, in Folker Twp., Clark Co., MO; 60 years old. Buried in Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery, Clark Co, MO. Married (in Ohio Co., KY) Marian Robertson.
8. Gabriel McDaniel,
born 1809, in Ohio Co., KY; died Dec. 4, 1878, in Ohio Co., KY; 69 years old. Buried in Cooper’s Cemetery. Married (Nov. 15, 1832, in Ohio Co., KY) Martha Riley Carter, "Patsy." Gabriel left his wife and moved back to Breckinridge Co., KY!
9. Josiah McDaniel,
born July 13, 1813; in Grayson Co., KY; died Jan 13, 1882, in Chambersburg, Clark Co., MO; 68 years old. Married (Oct. 30, 1841, in Monroe Co., MO) Mary Jane Ireland.
10. Elizabeth E. McDaniel,
born ca. 1816, in Grayson Co., KY; died Oct. 2, 1844, in childbirth, in Clark Co., MO; about 28 years old. Married (Oct. 28, 1840, in Clark Co., MO) Rives Henry Townsend.

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 The Roberts/Keown Family

First Generation--
George Washington Roberts, born Nov. 3, 1817; died Feb. 7, 1908; 90 years old. Married (Feb. 17, 1842) Martha Jane Keown, "Patsy," born Dec. 30, 1822; died June 5, 1892; 70 years old. Both were buried in the Haynes Cemetery, near Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY.
According to his great-granddaughter Lillian Edge of Owensboro, KY, "George was a colonel in some army, and retired with a big pension because he and his wife had ten children. They were all raised just outside of Fordsville. . . . Their names were Jim, Harve, Ike, Sam, and Joe. Most of those boys lived in and around Fordsville all their lives. Joe Roberts owned a school a store there until he died. Then, there were also five girls: Mollie, Amanda, Alice, Nancy Elizabeth, and Lucretia. Mollie and Lucertia lived close to Fordsville all their lives. Amanda and Alice married brothers, Tim and Jake Jones. They were brothers to Bob Jones’ dad. They left here and went to Casper, WY and Denver, CO. They spent their entire lives out there."
George’s father may have been Zechariah Roberts--the only Roberts listed in Ohio Co. in the 1820 census. Martha’s parents were William Keown and Hannah Jamison, both born and raised in Ohio Co., near Fordsville. Their children were all born in Fordsville. Two of their deaths were described in a newspaper article in the Fordsville Star, Nov. 21, 1894, under the heading "Valley of Death". The article was written by Edwin J. Forbes, who married daughter Mary Ann.
1. Mary Ann Roberts,
"Polly," or "Mollie," born March 16, 1843. Married (Nov. 8, 1869) Edwin J. Forbes, who later became Kentucky State Historian. It was his third marriage.
2. Samuel Carter Roberts,
born Sept. 12, 1843; died March 6, 1920; 76 years old. Married (May 4, 1873) Maria Jane Bradfield. Had a son, Raymond Roberts. I understand that Jimmy Roberts, who sang on the Lawrence Welk Show, is his great-nephew.
3. William Humphrey Roberts,
born July 6, 1844; died March 6, 1852; 7 years old.
4. Isaac Lewis Roberts,
born Feb. 20, 1846. Married (Jan. 26, 1875) Mary A. Brite.
5. John James Roberts,
born Sept. 5, 1847. Married (March 27, 1870) Lucy Jane Staples.
6. Nancy Elizabeth Roberts,
born Dec. 1, 1851. Married (Nov. 25, 1875) Jacob Chancellor. Lived on a farm across the county line from Fordsville, in Hancock Co. They had six children, one of whom was:
7. Lucretia Ellen Roberts,
born March 31, 1853. Married (Feb. 6, 1876) Peter K. Newton.
8. Josiah Horace Roberts,
born March 5, 1855; died 1929; 74 years old. Married (March 26, 1876) Mary Jane Holland, born 1854; died 1828; 74 years old. They are both buried in the Fordsville Cemetery.
Amanda Jane Roberts,
born Jan. 12, 1857; died Dec. 21, 1949, in Denver, CO; 92 years old. Married (Nov. 6, 1882)
Charles Timolean Jones.
10. Charles Wesley Roberts,
born Oct. 28, 1858; died Jan. 5, 1876; 17 years old. From Forbes’ newspaper story: Charles "started out with a rifle to kill a hawk and in looking for the hawk, was careless with the gun, when it was discharged, sending a ball through his brain. He lived three days and died in dreadful agony." He was buried in the Old Haynes Cemetery, off of the road from Fordsville to Askins.
11. Sarah Frances Roberts,
born March 7, 1859; died Nov. 22, 1863; four years old. From Forbes’ newspaper story: "Sarah. . .was in the field where her father and brothers were at work, when a sudden blast of wind blew down a tree and she was almost instantly killed."
12. George Harvey Roberts,
born June 8, 1862; died 1939; 77 years old. Married (Dec. 24, 1885) Anna L. Keown; born 1864; died 1939; 75 years old. Both were buried in Fordsville Cemetery.
Alice Gertrude Roberts,
born Dec. 17, 1863, in Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY; died Jan. 14, 1934, of ruptured gall bladder, in Ft. Collins, CO; 70 years old. She smoked a corncob pipe, remembers Marge! She married
Jacob Carl Jones.


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Lloyd McDaniel, of Costa Mesa, CA
History of Fordsville, Ohio County, Kentucky, by Edith Freer
McDowells in America, by Dorothy Kelly MacDowell

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