Our Jones Family
Polli Jost Turner, Editor

First Generation--
Our Jones ancestor may have been William Jones, a well-known (at the time) colonial preacher from VA or NC. He or his ancestors may have been from Wales before that; acc. to Jones tradition. One of our ancestor’s great-grandsons was named after well-known Methodist preacher Charles Wesley--not surprising because both the Methodists and Baptists were very active in Kentucky in the early 1800’s. This may be an indicator that the family was Methodist. He came to Kentucky with a large family of children. The only two I am sure of are Hugh and William Snelling. This information was from Mildred Woznuk, in Hardinsburg, KY, a descendant of Hugh Jones.
I found a probate record for a William Jones who died in Breckinridge Co., in 1814. It is uncertain whether he may be our ancestor or not. But he was:
William Jones, born probably between 1765 and 1770; died in Breckinridge Co. shortly before Feb. 21, 1814; about 45 years old. Married Elizabeth, born between 1765 and 1770; died after the 1830 census. In the probate for William Jones, a James Jones and John Snelling were helping the widow Elizabeth. James may have been a brother of William Sr. (see below).
The 1810 census shows a William Jones (and a Thomas, perhaps an older brother to William S. and Hugh, as he had a number of small children), with only one son between 10 and 16, three daughters between 16 and 26, and he and his wife were between 26 and 45 years of age.
The 1820 census shows Elizabeth Jones with two sons between 16 and 26 years old (possibly William and Hugh, William was 19 then), and a daughter between 16 and 26 years old. Elizabeth was over 45 years old. There was also a James Jones in the 1820 census.
1. Hugh Jones,
born ca. 1798; died before 1850 census. Married (ca. 1825) Martha, born ca. 1803. The 1830 census shows him between 30 and 40 years old. He had two daughters under 5, his wife was between 20 and 30, and they had an older woman living with them who was between 60 and 70 years old (probably his mother Elizabeth).
After Hugh’s death, Martha married again, to Hezekiah Morton, a widower, and father of the brothers that married William Snelling Jones’ daugthers.
William Snelling Jones,
born March 7, 1801, in KY; died Aug. 6, 1853, in Breckinridge Co., KY; 52 years old. Married Susannah Carter.
5. ?Peggy Jones,
b. ca. 1787. Married (March 2, 1807, Breckenridge Co., KY) Benjamin Snelling. Father was William Jones.
?Susan Luverina Jones, married (July 26, 1805, in Breckinridge Co., KY) William Crume.
The next two are unknowns--they appear too young to be daughters of William Jones, but they don’t fit in William Snelling’s family. There was another William Jones in the 1820 census, with two daughters between the ages of 10 and 16--this may be them. Or perhaps they actually were younger sisters of William S.--Elizabeth would have been about 50 when they were born.
• ?Catherine S. Jones?,
born ca.1815. Married (Dec. 14, 1839, in Breckenridge Co., KY) Thomas S. Moorman. The bride’s father was William B. Jones, and witness was James W. Jones.
• ?Elizabeth Ann Jones?,
born ca. 1818. Married (Nov. 29, 1842, in Breckinridge Co., KY) Christopher W. Board. Father was William B. Jones. Could they be the parents of Sarah J. Board, "Jennie," born 1853, who was the second wife of Mason Long Jones, below?



Second Generation--
William Snelling Jones, born March 7, 1801, in KY; died Aug. 6, 1853; 52 years old. Married (ca. 1820) Susannah Carter, born March 13, 1795, in Maryland; died March 27, 1854; 59 years old. They were buried in the Morton Cemetery in Breckenridge Co., KY--on Hwy. 261 east of the intersection with Hwy. 629--it is on a farm that was for many years in the Morton family, Randy & I were unable to find the cemetery when we were there in 1994. The 1850 census says that he was a farmer, and gives the value of his posessions as $500. It also gives Maryland as Susannah’s birthplace.
We believe that William’s father was William Jones, a well-known preacher from Virginia or North Carolina. If so, the 1800 tax lists show they were already living in Ohio Co. when William was born. (On March 2, 1807, Peggy Jones--who was probably his older sister--married Benjamin Snelling in Breckenridge Co. John Snelling was aiding Elizabeth with the probate of her husband William. William Snelling was apparently given his middle name in honor of some friend or relative, as there were a family of Snellings in Breckenridge Co.)
At the time of the 1830 census, Wm. S. is shown with one boy and one girl under 5, one boy and one girl between 5 and 10, he and Susannah were between 20 and 30 years of age.
Henry O. Morton and Lester L. Morton, William and Susannah’s sons-in-law, were listed as heirs in William S.’s probate.
1. Mary Ann Jones,
born Aug. 11, 1821. Married (Feb. 28, 1843, in Breckenridge Co., KY) Henry Owen Morton, born May 21, 1821, in VT; died Aug. 11, 1890; 69 years old. They were buried in the Morton cemetery, near her parents, as were several of their children. The markers give Henry and Mary’s birth years as 1821, but the census indicates it would have been 1831. The date of Mary Ann’s death was not on her stone. They lived in Breckinridge Co. at the time of the 1850 census, near her parents. Notice that their fourth and fifth children died withing days of each other--there may have been some epidemic at the time to which small children were especially susceptible.
2. Henry Franses Jones,
born Sept. 16,1823; died sometime after the 1830 census --not mentioned in his father’s will.
3. Elizabeth Jones,
born March 22, 1826 (1825, acc. to her grave); died Feb. 18, 1893; 67 years old. Married (ca. 1851) Lester L. Morton, brother of Henry, above, born March 26, 1824, in VT; died May 19, 1862; 38 years old. Both were buried in the Morton cemetery, near her parents.
The 1850 census shows Lester married to Lucy A. (who was four years older than him, and also born in Vermont), with no children. However, apparently by 1852, (according to a child’s birth listed in the IGI records) she died, and Lester married his sister-in-law Elizabeth. They had a number of children.
William Washington Jones,
born Sept. 26, 1828; died Dec. 10, 1905; 77 years old. Married
Martha C. Cooper (sister of Mary Ellen who married Mason, #6), born 1831; died 1900; 69 years old.
5. James McDowell Jones,
born March 8, 1831. May have married (April 22, 1845, in Breckinridge Co., KY) Mary B. Dowell. James was appointed executor of his father’s estate, and took the responsibility to care for his mother after the death of his father.
6. Richard Jones, born ca. 1833. May have died in infancy--not mentioned in his father’s will.
Mason Long Jones,
born Jan. 13, 1835; died Feb. 25, 1916; 81 years old. Married Mary Ellen Cooper.



Third Generation--
Mason Long Jones, born Jan. 13, 1835, in Breckinridge Co., KY; died Feb. 25, 1916, in Ohio Co., KY; 81 years old. Married (Dec. 3, 1856, in Breckenridge Co., KY) Mary Ellen Cooper, born Jan. 6, 1835; died Nov. 10, 1880; 45 years old. They had eight children. I have been unable to find where Mary Ellen was buried.
Second marriage (June 29, 1882), Sarah J. Board, "Jennie," born June 21, 1853; died Dec. 11, 1912; 59 years old. They had one daughter. Mason and Jennie were buried together in the Fordsville Cemetery.
1. Sarah Anna Jones,
born Oct. 12, 1857; died April 14, 1908; 50 years old. Married John Gardiner Truman. President Harry Truman was our distant cousin by marriage--John’s uncle (Anderson Shipp Truman) was the grandfather of Harry Truman--that is, Harry Truman was John’s first cousin once removed. The had moved to Kansas by 1884.
2. William Joseph Jones,
born Aug. 28, 1859; died May 15, 1941; 81 years old. Married (Nov. 3, 1882) Nannie Wilson. They had one son. William was a clothing manufacturer in Louisville, and quite wealthy.
Second marriage, Minerva Hunter, "Minnie," born Feb. 1862; died Feb. 10, 1939; 77 years old. They also had one son.
3. Charles Timolean Jones,
"Tim," born Aug. 7, 1861; died July 24, 1917, in Pierce, Weld Co., CO; 56 years old. Married (Nov. 6, 1882, in Fordsville, KY)
Amanda Jane Roberts, (sister of Alice, who married Jacob Carl, #4 below), born Jan. 12, 1857; died Dec. 21, 1949, in Denver, CO; 92 years old. Both were buried in the cemetery in Eaton, CO. The family left Fordsville and moved to Dover, CO, in 1904. Jacob Carl is our great-grandfather, so his brother’s children are our cousins. Alice Roberts Jones, is our great-grandmother, and her sister’s children would also be our cousins. It so happens that her sister married her brother-in-law, so that makes their children twice our cousins, or our "double cousins", as Marge used to say.
Jacob Carl Jones,
"Jake," born May 22, 1864; died June 12, 1915; 51 years old. Married
Alice Roberts, sister of Amanda Jane, above.
5. Elijah Roscoe Jones,
born Sept. 9, 1866; died June 26, 1955; 88 years old. Married (Dec. 23, 1888) Sarah Elizabeth Eskridge, born Dec. 23, 1866; died Dec. 7, 1954; 88 years old. They are both buried in the Fordsville Cemetery. They had 11 children.
6. Lenora Catherine Jones,
born May 2, 1869. Married (April 29, 1890) Henry Acker, born Dec. 25, 1863, in Wachenheim, Germany; died Sept. 13, 1943; 80 years old. They lived in Tryon, NC.
8. Effie Lillian Jones,
born June 3, 1873; died April 20, 1936; 59 years old. Married (Feb. 10, 1890) James L. Ball, "Jim". They had several children, the oldest of whom were born in Kentucky. They moved then to Iowa.
7. Archie Clifton Jones,
"Arch," born Feb. 14, 1877; died Feb. 24, 1926; 59 years old. Married Sally Joe Cooper, born June 27, 1876; died Nov. 18, 1948; 71 years old. She was a cousin, on his mother’s side. They owned the old Jones farm, which is northeast of Fordsville on 261. The area used to be called Jones Station, and is now known as Oaks.
•by Jenny:
1. Myrtle C. Jones,
born Aug. 13, 1883; died 1949 of cancer; 66 years old. Married (March 3, 1901) Roy Armendt.
They separated when the children were young. She was a school teacher as long as she lived.


Fourth Generation--
Jacob Carl Jones, "Jake," born May 22, 1864, in Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY; died June 12, 1915, of gall bladder trouble, in LaPorte, CO; 51 years old. Married Alice Gertrude Roberts, born Dec. 17, 1863, in Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY; died Jan. 14, 1934, of ruptured gall bladder, in Ft. Collins, CO; 70 years old. Jake was a barber, and had a grocery store. He and brother Tim fought a forest fire near Fordsville. As a result of smoke inhalation, one of Jake’s lungs collapsed. The Jones family home was lost in the fire, and they moved then to Jones, a small settlement just south of Fordsville, just before our Charlie’s birth. Later, he and Tim moved their families to Colorado. They homesteaded in Pierce, CO, ca. 1904. Both were buried in Wellington, CO. This "Grandma Jones" smoked a corncob pipe!
Alice married (1918) William Herman Goodman after Jake died.
1. Ella Martha Jones,
born Jan. 15, 1886, in Fordsville, KY; died Oct. 18, 1979, in Casper, WY; 93 years old. Married (Jan. 15, 1907) Gillespie Blaine Jones, "Blaine," born Oct. 21, 1884, in Asheville, NC; died May 4, 1949, in Salt Lake City, UT; 64 years old. His parents were John Harvey Jones and Mary Williams. Both were buried in Pomona, CA.
2. Jennie Jones,
born Jan. 21, 1887; died April 1, 1891; four years old. She is buried in the old Haynes Cemetery.
3. Clarence George Jones,
born April 4, 1888, in Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY; died Sept. 28, 1961; 73 years old. Married (Nov. 28, 1907, in Wellington, CO) Lessie Maudrie Johnson, born Jan. 7, 1890, in Benton, Ark; died Jan. 22, 1980; 90 years old. Both were buried in Crest Lawn Memorial Park, in Norco, CA.
4. Sarah Lula Jones,
"Aunt Lula," born Nov. 14, 1889, in Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY; died Feb. 16, 1960, in CO; 70 years old. Married (Jan. 13, 1907, in Ft. Collins, CO) Spencer Lincoln Conley, born Dec. 10, 1886, in Des Moines, IA; died Dec. 30, 1960, in Ft. Collins; 74 years old. Both were buried in Highland Cemetery in Wellington, CO.
5. Grace Jones,
born Sept. 4, 1891; died Jan. 24, 1893; 16 months old. She is buried in the old Haynes Cemetery.
Charles William Jones,
born Dec. 16, 1892, in Jones, Ohio Co., KY; died March 26, 1976; 85 years old. Married Alice Mary McMullen.
7. Mason Jones,
born Aug. 20, 1895; died Dec. 22, 1896; 16 months old. He is buried in the old Haynes Cemetery east of Fordsville.

Randy in Fordsville, KY
Our visit to Fordsville, May 1994


Fifth Generation--Alice & Charlie Jones
Charles William Jones, born Dec. 16, 1892, in Jones, Ohio Co., KY; died March 26, 1976, in Pomona, CA; 83 years old. A forest fire burned Jake Jones’ home in Fordsville, and the family moved to Jones shortly after. According to some of the Jones cousins who have visited there, the Jones and Roberts family cemetery is located on a hilltop just south of Fordsville. Jones, where the family settled, was just down the hill from the cemetery to the south.
Married (Aug. 27, 1919)
Alice Mary McMullen, born Aug. 21, 1898, in Hebron, IA; died Oct. 25, 1996, in Carmichael, CA; 98 years old. They had five children.
Marjorie June Jones,
"Marge," born June 22, 1920, in Pierce, CO. Married Elie Ellis Turner.
2. Francis Evelyn Jones,
born Oct. 6, 1921, in Pierce, CO; died Feb. 7, 1923; 16 months old. Died from diptheria. Buried in Eaton Cemetery, in CO.
3. Imogene Jones,
"Jeane," born July 6, 1923, in Laramie, WY; died May 31, 1995; 68 years old. Married (Jan. 11, 1948, in Pomona, CA) Ralph Lere, born Aug. 7, 1924; died Aug. 5, 1961; 37 years old. Another Edison man, he fell to his death when helping in the building of Dodger Stadium in L.A.
Second marriage (Apr. 26, 1964) Leonard Liston, born June 25, 1916; died Sept. 21, 1970; 53 years old. He died at his desk of heart failure. He worked for TI Insurance Trust Company.
4. Helen Marie Jones,
born Feb. 8, 1925, in Laramie, WY; died Aug. 22, 1995; 70 years old. Married first (June 1942) Ruben Williams. They had one child, George Edwin, and were divorced in 1944.
Married (April 6, 1946) Vernon Edward McKinney, "Mac," but his own family always called him "Buck". He was born Aug. 23, 1910, in Weippe (pronounced "Wee-ipe"), Idaho; died June 22, 1987; 77 years old. Mac had his own construction business, McKinney Hole Digging Company. Helen worked with AA, helping people win their battle against alcohol with the Lord’s help.
5. Charles Raymond Jones,
"Ray," born in Laramie, WY. Married Mary Agnes Graham, "Babe". Her father was born in Scotland in 1898. Ray had his own insurance agency until his retirement in 1986.



Sixth Generation--Margie Jones
Marjorie June Jones, "Marge," born June 22, 1920, in Pierce, Weld Co., CO; died Dec. 8, 1992, in Ashland, OR, of kidney failure; 72 years old. Married first (Oct. 6, 1939) Blaine Brown Moffat. They had one child, Janice, and were divorced in 1942.
Marge later married (March 21, 1947, in Boulder City, NV)
Elie Ellis Turner, born Nov. 25, 1915; died May 20, 1971; 56 years old. He adopted Janice (1959) as his own daughter, and they had two sons. Elie was district superintendant for Edison in Lake Arrowhead, CA, until his sudden death. He died of a brain aneurysm.
Marge later married (March 22,1976) Edward James Beck, born Aug. 28, 1921; died Feb. 23, 1977, in Portland, OR; 55 years old. Marge and Ed were truckers together until he died of a heart attack at the wheel of his truck.
1. Janice Kay Moffat Turner,
born April 20, 1941. Married (1962) David Stanley Curran, born March 19, 1942. They had three children, and were later divorced.
2. Stephen Ellis Turner,
"Steve," born April 25, 1948. Married (Oct. 24, 1970) Carol Marie Miller, born April 12, 1950. They have two sons. Steve retired from SC Edison in Rialto, CA. Steve & Carol divorced in 1998.
Randall Lee Turner,
"Randy," born June 27, 1950 in Pomona, CA. Married (July 14, 1973) Peggy McLemore. They divorced, had no children.
Second marriage (April 7, 1979, in Van Nuys, CA)
Pauline Ruth Jost, "Polli," born Feb. 23, 1953, in Banning, CA. Polli is a homemaker, and doing the family genealogies in her spare (?) time.

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