The Cooper Family

Polli Jost Turner, Editor

First Generation--
Jacob Cooper, died 1769, married Mary.
Jacob Cooper, Jr,
born ca. 1750; died May 1805, in Chester Co., South Carolina. Married Rebecca McKinney.

Second Generation--
Jacob Cooper, Jr., born ca. 1750; died June 7, 1805, in Chester Co., SC; about 55 years old. He was buried in the Richardson Church cemetery there. Married Rebecca McKinney, born June 15, 1760, in VA; died Nov. 12, 1838, in Breckenridge Co., KY; 78 years old. She was buried in the Cooper Shively (perhaps the Clay Cooper) cemetery there.
Jacob fought in the Revolutionary War, serving as a captain from SC. I found the family in the 1790 census, in the Camden district, listed under Capt. Jacob Cooper. There were one free white male over 16 in the house, 3 under 16, 6 females, 2 "other persons" (perhaps boarders), and four slaves.
1. William Cooper,
2. John Cooper,
3. Jacob Manson Cooper,
born 1792; died 1833; 41 years old. Married
Hannah McDaniel, born 1803, died 1875; 72 years old.
4. James Cooper,
5. Elizabeth Cooper,
born 1783; died 1864; 81 years old. Married John Whittingill, born 1776; died 1846; 70 years old.
According to the History of Fordsville, she was a native of the Chester District on the Catoba River in SC, and that she was a school mate of General Andrew Jackson at the Waxhawes. John was a native of Rockbridge Co., VA. He settled in Ohio Co. in 1807. They were among the constituent members of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, which later became the Fordsville Baptist Church.
Joseph Henry Cooper,
born May 2, 1802, probably in Chester Co., SC; died Oct. 19, 1892. Married Sarah McDaniel.


Third Generation--
Joseph Henry Cooper, born May 2, 1802, in SC; died Oct. 19, 1892; 90 years old. Married Sarah McDaniel, born Aug. 9, 1805; died June 13, 1880; 75 years old. The 1850 census shows the family in Breckenridge Co., KY. The census lists Joseph as a farmer born in SC, and gives the value of his posessions as $1500.
1. J. George Rector Cooper,
born 1826; died 1890; 64 years old. Married Sarah Ann Hedden, "Sallie," born 1832, died 1901; 69 years old. They had 12 children.
2. Mahala Elizabeth Cooper,
born 1828. Married Elisha F. Bright, born 1826. They had five children.
3. Jacob Carl Cooper,
born Oct. 25, 1829; died Oct. 26, 1906; 77 years old. Married Sarah Ellen Howard, born May 12, 1834; died
Dec. 7, 1917; 83 years old. They had four children.
4. Martha C. Cooper,
born 1831; died 1900; 69 years old. Married
William Washington Jones, born 1828; died 1905; 77 years old. They had six children.
Mary Ellen Cooper,
born Jan. 6, 1835; died Nov. 10, 1880; 45 years old. Married Mason Long Jones.
6. William McDaniel Cooper,
born 1836; died 1910; 74 years old. Not married.
7. Elijah Haynes Cooper,
born July 14, 1838; died Jan. 21, 1923; 84 years old. Married Nancy Nash Wilson, born 1842; died 1895; 53 years old. They had three children. Second marriage, Mary E. Duncan, "Molly," born Feb. 7, 1858; died Nov. 2, 1935; 77 years old. Elijah and Mary are both buried in the Fordsville Cemetery. They had one child. Elijah witnessed nephew Charles Timolean Jones’ marriage.
8. Wesley J. Cooper,
born born 1841. Married Lucy Garnet Combs, born 1846; died 1889; 45 years old. They had four children. One daughter, Sarah, married second cousin Archie Clifton Jones, grandchild of Mary Ellen and Mason Long Jones. Second marriage, Sarah J., born 1862. They had one son.
9. Henry Clay Cooper,
born 1844; died 1925; 81 years old. Married Margaret E., born 1855; died 1931; 76 years old. They had two children.
10. Charles W. Cooper,
born 1846; died 1909; 63 years old. Married Hettie E. Tanner, born 1853; died 1938; 85 years old. They had nine children.
11. Leonora Jane Cooper,
born born 1848. Married Domenico Franchetti, born 1850; died 1877; 27 years old. They had three children.



Fourth Generation--
Mary Ellen Cooper, born Jan. 6, 1835; died Nov. 10, 1880; 45 years old. Married (Dec. 3, 1856, in Breckenridge Co., KY) Mason Long Jones, born Jan. 13, 1835, in Breckinridge Co., KY; died Feb. 25, 1916, in Ohio Co., KY; 81 years old. They had eight children. I have been unable to find where Mary Ellen was buried.
Second marriage (June 29, 1882), Sarah J. Board, "Jennie," born June 21, 1853; died Dec. 11, 1912; 59 years old. They had one daughter. Mason and Jennie were buried together in the Fordsville Cemetery.
1. Sarah Anna Jones,
born Oct. 12, 1857; died April 14, 1908; 50 years old. Married John Gardiner Truman. President Harry Truman was our distant cousin by marriage--John’s uncle (Anderson Shipp Truman) was the grandfather of Harry Truman--that is, Harry Truman was John’s first cousin once removed. The had moved to Kansas by 1884.
2. William Joseph Jones,
born Aug. 28, 1859; died May 15, 1941; 81 years old. Married (Nov. 3, 1882) Nannie Wilson. They had one son. William was a clothing manufacturer in Louisville, and quite wealthy.
Second marriage, Minerva Hunter, "Minnie," born Feb. 1862; died Feb. 10, 1939; 77 years old. They also had one son.
3. Charles Timolean Jones,
"Tim," born Aug. 7, 1861; died July 24, 1917, in Pierce, Weld Co., CO; 56 years old. Married (Nov. 6, 1882, in Fordsville, KY)
Amanda Jane Roberts, (sister of Alice, who married Jacob Carl, #4 below), born Jan. 12, 1857; died Dec. 21, 1949, in Denver, CO; 92 years old. Both were buried in the cemetery in Eaton, CO. The family left Fordsville and moved to Dover, CO, in 1904. Jacob Carl is our great-grandfather, so his brother’s children are our cousins. Alice Roberts Jones, is our great-grandmother, and her sister’s children would also be our cousins. It so happens that her sister married her brother-in-law, so that makes their children twice our cousins, or our "double cousins", as Marge used to say.
Jacob Carl Jones,
"Jake," born May 22, 1864; died June 12, 1915; 51 years old. Married Alice Roberts, sister of Amanda Jane, above.
5. Elijah Roscoe Jones,
born Sept. 9, 1866; died June 26, 1955; 88 years old. Married (Dec. 23, 1888) Sarah Elizabeth Eskridge, born Dec. 23, 1866; died Dec. 7, 1954; 88 years old. They are both buried in the Fordsville Cemetery. They had 11 children.
6. Lenora Catherine Jones,
born May 2, 1869. Married (April 29, 1890) Henry Acker, born Dec. 25, 1863, in Wachenheim, Germany; died Sept. 13, 1943; 80 years old. They lived in Tryon, NC.
8. Effie Lillian Jones,
born June 3, 1873; died April 20, 1936; 59 years old. Married (Feb. 10, 1890) James L. Ball, "Jim". They had several children, the oldest of whom were born in Kentucky. They moved then to Iowa.
7. Archie Clifton Jones,
"Arch," born Feb. 14, 1877; died Feb. 24, 1926; 59 years old. Married Sally Joe Cooper, born June 27, 1876; died Nov. 18, 1948; 71 years old. She was a cousin, on his mother’s side. They owned the old Jones farm, which is northeast of Fordsville on 261. The area used to be called Jones Station, and is now known as Oaks.
•by Jenny:
1. Myrtle C. Jones,
born Aug. 13, 1883; died 1949 of cancer; 66 years old. Married (March 3, 1901) Roy Armendt.
They separated when the children were young. She was a school teacher as long as she lived.

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History of Fordsville, Ohio County, Kentucky, by Edith Freer

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