The Atteberry Family
Polli Jost Turner, Editor

The basis of this is taken from the book The Descendants of William Atterbury, 1733 Emigrant by Voncille Attebery Winter, PhD. and Wilma Attebery Mitchell. They have researched the Attebery family for a number of years. The numbering of persons follows that in their book. However, I have listed children by birth order, so some of the numbers are out of order.

Atteberry. . .Atterberry. . .Attebury. . .Attebery. . .Voncille and Wilma estimated twenty variations in spellings. It was even spelled differently within each family! In Thomas and Mary’s family Bible, Mary spelled it "Atteberry", but in his Civil War pension application her husband spelled it "Attebery" throughout!

The sons of William Attebery were restless--each generation migrated farther into the west. They went from Maryland to Virginia, to South Carolina, to Kentucky. From Kentucky they split up, one group going into Illinois, another to Missouri, and the third into Texas. From those places, the family has now spread across the country.



First Generation--
William Atterberry, born ca. 1700 to 1710, in England; died ca. 1766, in Chester Co., SC. Married Sarah. In England, he was a laborer, living in the parish of St. James Liberty, Westminster, Middlesex (now a part of London).
William was deported from Newgate Prison in England, on board the Patapscoe Merchant, which sailed April 17, 1733. He had been sentenced for stealing five yards of linsey woolsey (a coarse sturdy fabric of wool and linen or cotton) worth three shillings. According to Voncille and Wilma, "One-third of the population of England in 1733 were paupers--they were in the midst of a deep depression . . . William may have stolen because of dire need--OR he may have stolen with the goal of deportation in mind. The cost of transportation was approximately one year’s wages." But prisoners were deported at the government’s expense!
By 1746, William was married, and owned a plantation--Prince Spring Plantation, in Prince George County, Maryland. Most of his children were born there. In 1754, he sold his plantation for 3000 pounds of tobacco. He moved his family across the Potomac River to Loudoun County, Virginia.
No records could be found to show that any of William’s sons fought in the Revolution, indeed no records could be found of the family between about 1771 and 1784, when they are found to have been in the Camden district of Chester Co., SC. At the time, there was no North and South--the area was simply known as "the Carolinas." In 1784, Richard and Charles received land grants there. Three of the nine known sons of William died in South Carolina, the rest moved on to Kentucky (Grayson and Hardin Cos.) between 1800 and 1810.
If William and Sarah had daughters, we are not aware of them. The children listed are assumed to be their sons, based on proximity to each other in SC and KY, and their financial and marital interactions (spelled as in the 1790 census of SC):
1. Michael Arterberry,
born ca. 1744, in Maryland, died 1820-30, in Grayson Co., KY. The 1790 census shows him with 10 children, five boys and five girls.
2. William Aturburry,
born ca. 1746, in MD; died ca. 1794, in Chester Co., SC. 1790 census lists 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls.
Charles Aturburry,
born ca. 1747, in MD ; died 1820-30 in Grayson County, KY. Married Sarah Mitchell.
4. Richard Aturbury,
born ca. 1758, in MD; died ca. 1813, in Hardin Co., KY. Married Rebecca Bennett.
5. Nathaniel (or Nathan) Aturburry,
born ca. 1750, in MD; died 1796, in Chester Co., SC. 1790 census lists 4 children.
6. John Atterburry,
born 1751, in MD; died 1806, in Chester Co., SC. Married Sarah Hill, "Sally". They had 11 children.
7. Edward Aturburry,
born ca. 1753, in MD or VA; died 1824, in Daviess Co., KY. He had six children.
8. Thomas Aturbury,
"Timber Tom," born 1755, in VA; died 1840, in Howard Co., MO. Married Bridget Murry. They had 8 children.
9. James Aturburry,
born 1758 in VA; died 1843, in Monroe Co., MO. Married Dorcas Wilkerson. They had 9 children.

Second Generation--
Charles Aturburry, born ca. 1747, in MD; died 1820-30 in Grayson County, KY. Married (probably ca. 1778, in Chester Co., SC) Sarah Mitchell. Somewhere between 1802 and 1807 the family moved to Kentucky where Charles and Sarah both died. They may have had as many as 14 children, but below are the only ones known.
Isaiah Atterbury,
born ca. 1780, in SC; died in Lafayette Co., MO. Married Rebecca Barnett.
2. Zachariah Atterbury,
born ca. 1785, in SC; died ca. 1855 (in an epidemic, with several of his slaves), in Yazoo, Mississippi.
3. Charles Atterbury,
born ca. 1787, in SC; died ca. 1837, in Grayson Co., KY; 63 years old. Killed by falling off a horse.
4. Nancy Atterbury,
born ca. 1788, in SC. Married (Dec. 21, 1807, in Hardin Co., KY) Isaac Ash.
5. Sarah Atterbury,
born ca. 1789, in SC. Married (1814, in Hardin Co., KY) Abraham Miers.
6. Melchizedek Atterbury,
born March 21, 1791, in SC; died Feb. 6, 1853, in Gerhard, IL; 66 years old. Married (Jan. 14, 1808, in Hardin Co., KY) Mary Peebles.
7. Michael Atterbury,
born Oct. 17, 1793, in SC; died July 20, 1855, in Grayson Co., KY; 62 years old. Married (Dec. 15, 1816, in Hardin Co., KY) Elizabeth Kessinger.
8. Nathan Atterbury,
born ca. 1802, in SC; died before 1868, in Hunt Co., TX. Married Rachel. They migrated to Texas via Indiana and Missouri, arriving about 1844.
9. John Atterbury,
born ca. 1803, in SC. Married Nancy. Lived in Pearman, KY, in 1860. Last of the Atteberry family in Kentucky.


Third Generation--
Isaiah Atterbury, born ca. 1778, in SC; died before 1859, probably in Logan Co., IL. Married Rebecca Barnett. Many of the Atteberrys moved to Missouri between 1820 and 1840. Isaiah’s son Asa’s marriage certificate tells that he was "of Lafayette County" at the time of his marriage in 1840.
1. William Atteberry,
born ca. 1800, in SC. Died in the Brandywine River, in Kentucky. Married Sallie Fletcher. They had five children.
2. Elizabeth Atteberry,
"Betsy." born ca. 1801. Married Isaac Butler. They had four children.
4. Hiram Atteberry,
born Oct. 4, 1803, in SC; died Sept. 1872, in Logan Co., IL; 68 years old. Married Lavica Kassinger. Second marriage, Lucy Adams. One of their descendants, Helen Attebery, lives on Attebery St. in Happy Camp, CA.
5. David Atteberry,
born April 9, 1808, in Grayson Co., KY; died Sept. 7, 1895, in Logan Co., IL; 87 years old. Married (Aug. 31, 1831, in Tazewell Co., IL) Mary Adams, "Polly," died Jan. 27, 1845, in Logan Co., IL. They had five children.
Second marriage (March 29, 1849), Amanda Jane Garton Ayers, a widow. They had nine children.
6. James H. Atteberry,
born July 15, 1811, in KY; died April 27, 1892; 80 years old. Married (Aug. 16, 1831) Fannette Ellen Stroud. Second marriage (Oct. 23, 1855) Jemima Phillips.
7. Barnett Atteberry,
born Oct. 18, 1813, in Grayson Co., KY; died Oct. 17, 1912, Scottsville, IL; 99 years old. Married (April 3, 1836, in Hart Co., KY) Caroline Peebles. They had nine children.
Asa Atteberry,
born ca. 1814, in KY; died Nov. 28, 1882, in Ridgeway, Harrison Co., MO. Married (Oct. 9, 1840, in Howard Co., MO) Mary Stanley.
8. Sarah Atteberry,
born ca. 1815, in Howard Co., MO. Married John Wright.
9. Inda Atteberry,
born ca. 1821, in Howard Co., MO; died ca. 1855 in Logan Co., IL. Married Christopher Brining.

Fourth Generation--
Asa Atteberry, born ca. 1812, in Kentucky; died Nov. 28, 1882, in Ridgeway, Harrison Co., MO; 70 years old. Married (Jan. 9, 1840, in Howard Co., MO) Mary Stanley, born 1824, in Missouri; died after the 1880 census. Her parents were both born in Tennessee, according to one census. According to their marriage certificate, her father was Thomas Stanley, and Asa was of Lafayette Co., MO, before their marriage.
At the time of the 1860 census Asa and his family lived in the Trail Creek Township, Harrison Co., MO. They had 8 children. Asa was buried in the Springer Chapel Cemetery, Fox Creek Township. At the time of the 1880 census, Asa and Mary were living with daughter Clara.
This is as far as I have proof of the connections--I have no proof yet that Asa is the son of Isaiah. But that connection is accepted among Atteberry researchers. Most of the information I have on the previous generations comes from Voncille Attebery Winters’ book.
Thomas Benton Atteberry,
born Jan. 17, 1842, in Glasgow, Howard Co., MO; died Feb. 12, 1918; 76 years old. Married Mary Chambers, "Polly."
2. Rebecca Atteberry,
born 1844, died in Harrison County. Married Jacob Little.
3. William Atteberry,
born ca. 1848, had 2 children.
4 . Elizabeth Atteberry,
"Aunt Bet," born 1850. Married Mike Little. They had 4 children.
5. Jane Atteberry,
"Aunt Jane," born 1852. Married James Mayfield. They had 5 children.
6. James Atteberry,
born Feb. 27, 1855, in Grayson Co., KY (or MO, acc. to census); died March 17, 1932, in Kerrville, TX; 77 years old. Married (Dec. 10, 1874, in Bethany, Harrison Co., MO) Emmaline Buis, born ca. 1855, in OH (or MO); died 1918, in Colorado. James was a farmer. After Emmaline’s death, James lived in Sulphur Springs, AR. They had 10 children.
7. Sarah Atteberry,
born Aug. 20, 1860, in Harrison Co., MO; died Aug. 12, 1933, in Arkansas; 73 years old. Married (Nov. 11, 1877, in Harrison Co., MO) John Downey. They had one child.
8. Clara Bell Atteberry,
born Feb. 27, 1863. Married (March 15, 1885) Andrew Green Chaney, "Green."

Fifth Generation--
Thomas Benton Atteberry, born Jan. 17, 1842, in Glasgow, Howard Co., MO; died Feb. 12, 1918; 76 years old. Married (Nov. 2, 1868, in Mt. Moriah, Harrison Co., MO, in the Baptist church by Rev. J. H. Burrows) Mary Chambers [her name is given as "Polly M. Chambers" on her marriage certificate!]. She was born Sept. 8, 1846, in Mt. Moriah, MO; died Oct. 15, 1917; 71 years old. Both died in Boulder, CO, and were buried in Columbia Cemetery there.
Thomas was married twice before marrying Polly. The first time was Aug. 20, 1862, to Emeline Rachel Cain, who died Dec. 1864 or 65. The second was Feb. 8, 1866 to Susan Louvina Howard, who died July 5, 1867; 18 years old.
Thomas fought in the Civil War, in the Union army (he was enrolled Aug. 20, 1862, as a private in Co. F in the 2nd Missouri Cavalry, and discharged Aug. 19, 1865, in Chattanooga, TN), and was a proud member of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic), an organization for Union veterans. His pension application describes him as 5’7" tall, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, and black hair. His occupation, farmer. Due to the severe living conditions during his service, he developed chronic diarrhea, piles, asthma, and heart disease, not to mention contracting measles. He suffered from heart palpitations and severe asthma the rest of his life, limiting his ability to work to only half a day’s work, if any at all.
Uncle Robert says they lived in Boulder for a time, then returned to Missouri. Grandpa Atteberry realized how much better his asthma had been in Colorado, so they returned there when Ellen was 10 years old. His pension file shows that he spent a year in Knox Co., MO, between the death of his second wife, and his marriage to Polly; and that they moved to Boulder Co., CO in 1877.
Ellen Atteberry,
born Oct. 9, 1869, in Mt. Moriah, Harrison Co., MO; died Oct. 30, 1957, in Riverside, CA; 88 years old. Married Andrew Forest Page.
2. Mary Atteberry,
born Feb. 20, 1871, in MO; died Nov. 11, 1935; 65 years old. Married (May 7, 1899) to Paul Pilger. Had spinal menengitis as a child. She recovered, but was slightly retarded as a result. She was heavy, and moved slowly, and one day her long gown caught fire as she walked past a gas heater. She was not able to get help quickly enough, and died as a result.
3. John Atteberry,
born July 14, 1872, in MO; died March 8, 1873; 8 months old. Died of spinal menengitis, at the same time Mary had it.
4. Boy Atteberry,
stillborn, April 25, 1874.
5. Charles Atteberry,
born Sept. 2, 1875, in MO; died Nov. 8, 1875; not yet 2 months old.
6. Clara Bell Atteberry,
born Feb. 20, 1877, in Morrison, Gasconade Co., MO; died Dec. 1, 1919, a result of stomach cancer; 52 years old. Married (Nov. 15, 1895) Joseph Walter Raikes, "Walter, " died 1926.
7. Jennie Pauline Atteberry,
"Aunt Pink," born April 26, 1881, in Ward, CO; died Feb. 22, 1965; 84 years old. Married (Jan. 21, 1902) Charles Monroe Friend.
8. Jessie Coline Atteberry,
born July 11, 1883, in Ward, CO; died Oct. 6, 1946; 63 years old. Married (Dec. 29, 1910) Myron Miller.
9. Dora Atteberry,
born Jan. 20, 1886 in Ward, CO; died July 14, 1904; 18 years old. Married (June 17, 1903) Oley Broughton, died Aug. 15, 1907, ?in a mining accident?. Dora died 11 months after their marriage, she was pregnant at the time. Uncle Robert remembers hearing that she died as a result of accidentally swallowing a straight pin!
10. Bernice Pearl Atteberry,
"Pearl," born Aug. 10, 1890, in Ward, CO; died Dec. 6, 1962; 72 years old. Married (Feb. 12, 1911) Heil Hull, died March 7, 1919, of a bladder obstruction, the result of a mining accident.
Second marriage (July 24, 1930), Harry Thomas Currier, died June 22, 1945. Buried in Valhalla Memorial Park, Burbank, CA.


Thomas Benton and Mary Atteberry and daughters

The Atteberry Family--Sept. 14, 1899
Dora, "Pink", Mary Chambers Atteberry, Clara, Pearl, Thomas Benton Atteberry, Mary, Ellen, Jessie


Sixth Generation--Ellen with Robert, Gwendolyn and Ralph
Ellen Atteberry, born Oct. 9, 1869, in Mt. Moriah, MO; died Oct. 28, 1957, in Riverside County Hospital; 88 years old.Married (Oct. 9, 1900, in Boulder, CO)
Andrew Forest Page, "Forest," born Oct. 21, 1866; died Nov. 11, 1932, of prostrate cancer; 65 years old. Both were buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Glendale, CA.
Ellen met Forest when he was working in the mines near Boulder. Death was common in the mines -- Ellen’s first fiancé died in a mine explosion, as did several others in the Atteberry family. Forest had a close call -- he passed out just after setting the match to explosives in the mine. His future brother-in-law Paul Pilger looked back to see him slumped over the explosives, and went back to drag him out of the shaft in time. Ellen told him she wouldn’t marry him unless he gave up the mines. He did. He borrowed money from Cora’s husband, Ralph, and opened a small grocery store. It failed, too. So from then on he determined to be satisfied to earn only what his own labor could bring in--working with a pick and shovel for $2 per day.
At the time of daughter Dorothy’s birth, the family was living at 455 Arapahoe, in Boulder. About 1918 they moved to Hermosa Beach, CA, and later to Palm Springs and Banning to take a "desert cure" for their tubercular daughter, Gwendolyn.
1. Ralph Atteberry Page,
born Feb. 23, 1902, in Boulder, CO; died Dec. 24, 1965, of testicle cancer, in Alhambra, CA; 63 years old. He was a school teacher in Alhambra. Married (June 6, 1929) Frances, born Oct. 31, 1903, in Topeka, KS; died March 19, 1988; 85 years old.
2. Robert Forest Page,
born Oct. 4, 1904, in Boulder, CO; died Oct. 31, 1993, of bone cancer, in Riverside, CA; 89 years old. Married (July 3, 1947) Mable Agnes Dawkins, born June 5, 1903; died Feb. 3, 1951; 47 years old. They were married less than four years when she died. (Her parents were Matthew Allen Dawkins and Mary Anna Blue--she was a descendant of George Washington!) They had no children. Robert worked for many years with a Spanish-speaking church in Riverside.
3. Mary Gwendolyn Page,
"Gwendolyn," born Sept. 21, 1906, in Boulder, CO; died June 15, 1932, of tuberculosis; 26 years old. The family moved to Palm Springs and Banning, in hopes that the drier climate would help her. In spite of being ill, was always cheerful, always concerned about caring for those "less fortunate than herself"--from her bed she wrote letters to other invalids, encouraging them with scripture, and praying for their salvation. Not married.
Dorothy Gailyn Page,
born March 10, 1910, in Boulder, CO; died March 11, 1992, of pancreatic cancer; 82 years old. Married Elwood Burton Jost.


Bernice Pearl, from the family Bible
History of Harrison County
Information from the 1860 and 1880 census in Harrison Co., MO
The Descendants of William Atterbury, 1733 Emigrant
by Voncille Attebery Winter, PhD. and Wilma Attebery Mitchell, 1984


I have never seen a copy of the Attebury book personally, but borrowed a microfilm from the library in Salt Lake City
This is
the information about it on their website.
It states that there were only 150 copies printed! 


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