The Stanley Family
Polli Jost Turner, Editor

First Generation--
Thomas Stanley, born in TN; died 1855, in Howard Co., MO. Married ?, born in TN.
Mary Stanley,
born in MO; died after 1880. Married Asa Atterberry.
2. Aaron Stanley,
married (Nov. 28, 1854) Cynthia Ann Crowley.
3. Elizabeth Stanley,
married (Oct. 29, 1845) Dewitt C. White.
4. Sarah Stanley,
married (Oct. 10, 1843) Levi Sterns.
5. Nancy Stanley,
married (Aug. 14, 1837) Willis Burton.
6. Thomas Stanley,
? (there are two marriage records for a Thomas, and no way to know which is the right one).



Second Generation--
Mary Stanley, born 1824, in Missouri; died after the 1880 census. Married (Jan. 9, 1840, in Howard Co., MO) Asa Atteberry, born ca. 1812, in Kentucky; died Nov. 28, 1882, in Ridgeway, Harrison Co., MO; 70 years old. Her parents were both born in Tennessee, according to one census. According to their marriage certificate, her father was Thomas Stanley, and Asa was of Lafayette Co., MO, before their marriage.
At the time of the 1860 census Asa and his family lived in the Trail Creek Township, Harrison Co., MO. They had 8 children. Asa was buried in the Springer Chapel Cemetery, Fox Creek Township. At the time of the 1880 census, Asa and Mary were living with daughter Clara.
This is as far as I have proof of the connections--I have no proof yet that Asa is the son of Isaiah. But that connection is accepted among Atteberry researchers. Most of the information I have on the previous generations comes from Voncille Attebery Winters’ book.
Thomas Benton Atteberry,
born Jan. 17, 1842, in Glasgow, Howard Co., MO; died Feb. 12, 1918; 76 years old. Married
Mary Chambers, "Polly."
2. Rebecca Atteberry,
born 1844, died in Harrison County. Married Jacob Little.
3. William Atteberry,
born ca. 1848, had 2 children.
4 . Elizabeth Atteberry,
"Aunt Bet," born 1850. Married Mike Little. They had 4 children.
5. Jane Atteberry,
"Aunt Jane," born 1852. Married James Mayfield. They had 5 children.
6. James Atteberry,
born Feb. 27, 1855, in Grayson Co., KY (or MO, acc. to census); died March 17, 1932, in Kerrville, TX; 77 years old. Married (Dec. 10, 1874, in Bethany, Harrison Co., MO) Emmaline Buis, born ca. 1855, in OH (or MO); died 1918, in Colorado. James was a farmer. After Emmaline’s death, James lived in Sulphur Springs, AR. They had 10 children.
7. Sarah Atteberry,
born Aug. 20, 1860, in Harrison Co., MO; died Aug. 12, 1933, in Arkansas; 73 years old. Married (Nov. 11, 1877, in Harrison Co., MO) John Downey. They had one child.
8. Clara Bell Atteberry,
born Feb. 27, 1863. Married (March 15, 1885) Andrew Green Chaney, "Green."

Elaine Crump, of Ashland, MO, a descendant of Aaron Stanley.


Stanley Origins, a site done by Ian Stanley in England

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