Our Page Family
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Information on our early Page ancestors has been traced by George Andrews Moriarty, Jr., who was elected a member of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in 1899, shortly after his 16th birthday. He was made a life member that year. He went on to graduate from both Harvard and Oxford, and is remembered as an eminent historian and genealogist and an authority on English and Norman medieval families.

Moriarty commented, "It is to be noted that the name Page, which was quite widely spread in county Suffolk in the sixteenth century, is found in and about Lavenham, the home of John Page's wife (Phoebe Payne), as early as 1540 and it seems not unlikely that the Pages of Boxted, co. Essex, originated in our about Lavenham."



First Generation—
Robert Page, probably born prior to 1558 in Boxted, co. Essex (just before the first recordings in the parish register of Boxted which started in 1559), England; buried Nov. 13, 1605, in Boxted, Essex. Married Susanna Syckerling, bapt. April 25, 1566. Her parents were William Syckerling, Sr., buried April 24, 1599, aged "about 100 years," of Boxted, Essex. (Her brother was probably William Sickerling, who married (Oct. 18, 1559, at Boxted) Anne Rulle. In his will, written Nov. 4, 1605, Robert listed these children:
1. Robert Page,
John Page,
bapt. Sept. 25, 1586, in Middle Temple, London; died Dec. 18, 1676, in Watertown, MA, 90 years old. Married Phoebe Payne.
3. William Page,
4. Christopher Page,
5. Hannah Page,
"Anae" (a name mentioned in his will), bapt. March 29, 1590.
6. Susan Page,
bapt. 25 Jan., 1592/93.
7. Ann Page,
bapt. Jan. 17, 1596/97.
8. Joane Page,

bapt. Oct. 18, 1601.



Second Generation—
John Page, baptized on Sept. 25, 1586 at Boxted, co. Essex, Eng., and probably also born there; died Dec. 18, 1676, in Watertown, MA, 90 years old. Married (June 5, 1861) Phoebe Payne, born 1594; died Sept. 25, 1677, in Watertown, MA, 83 years old. She was a descendant of Sir Thomas Payne, and was from Lavenham, Suffolk. Her brother William mentioned her children in his will. They came to America in 1630 from Dedham, England. John was 44 years old when they left on the ship "Jewel," one of the fleet under the leadership of Puritan Gov. John Winthrop. They left Yarmouth, England, April 8, 1630, and landed in Salem, Mass., joining the first group of Puritan pioneers who had come the previous year--less than half had survived the first year in America. Within a year of their arrival, John and his family moved to (what would become) Charlestown, then Boston, then on to Watertown, seven miles east, where the soil would be better for farming. Their home burned down April 21, 1631, but neighbors helped them rebuild. John was made the first constable of Watertown, and made a freeman in less than a year.
1. William Page,
born in England; died Dec. 9, 1664.
2. Phoebe Page,
married (ca. 1662) James Cutler--"past her prime. Her youth had not been unblemished."
3. Daniel Page,
buried June 10, 1634.
John Page,
born June 20, 1630, perhaps in America; died 1711, in Watertown, MA, 81 years old. Married Faith Dunster.
5. Samuel Page,
born June 20, 1633.
6. Elizabeth Page,
7. Mary Page,



Third Generation—
John Page, born June 20, 1630; died 1711, in Watertown, MA, 81 years old. Married (March 12, 1664, in Groton, Mass.) Faith Dunster, bapt. March 7, 1640; died April 3, 1699. She was the daughter of Robert Dunster and Alice Fletcher, and a niece of President Dunster of Harvard College.
Second marriage (Sept. 5, 1699), Widow Emory Lamb.
John took the oath of fidelity and became a freeman in Watertown at the age of 22. In 1662 he moved to Groton, where he was one of the original proprietors. It was in Groton he married, and their first three children were born. He was Constable there, and served in various public offices there. In 1676 the town was attacked by Indians, all but three of their homes were burned, their settlement was razed. John and his family returned to Watertown, where their fourth child was born. He again served in various public offices.
1. John Page,
born Dec. 10, 1669.
Samuel Page,
born June 4, 1672, in Groton, MA, died Sept. 7, 1747, in Lunenburg, MA, 75 years old.
3. Mary Page,
born Nov. 9, 1675. Married Boardman.
4. Jonathon Page,
born June 24, 1677; died Oct. 10, 1751; 74 years old.



Fourth Generation—
Samuel Page, born June 4, 1672, in Groton, MA, died Sept. 7, 1747, in Lunenburg, MA, 75 years old. Married Sarah Lawrence, born May 16, 1672, died before Aug. 4, 1718, perhaps in South Carolina. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Sara Morse Lawrence.
Second marriage, Martha, died Sept. 22, 1746. They had six more children--Elizabeth, Zachariah, Daniel, Martha, Benjamin, and Thomas.
Third marriage (July 9, 1747, in Lunenburg, MA) Sarah Parce. Samuel died three months later.
Samuel returned to Groton where he was born to help rebuild the settlement there, but soon Indians were back on the warpath. Stories of the opportunities in South Carolina had filtered into New England, and Samuel took his wife and year-old-baby to settle, and was there for the next 20 years. About 1717 he returned with his family to Groton. But before long, he was off again, moving seven miles east into dense unsettled wilderness to a place which came to be called "Turkey Hills", thereby becoming the first settler of the town of Lunenburg. Historians have bestowed on him the title of Governor Page as a result. He was the first poundkeeper of the town, and served in many other public offices. Samuel’s farm was owned by Mr. Robert Procter in 1951. The road that runs by the farm is now (at least in 1951) called Page Street, and across the road from the farm is South Cemetery, where Samuel’s grave can be found. His grave marker reads, "Here lies buried ye body of Mr. Samuel Page. He was ye first that settled in this town, who parted life September ye 7th A.D. 1747 in ye 76th year of his age."
1. Samuel Page,
born in Groton. Married (May 20, 1719, in Bedford, Mass.) Susanna Lawrence.
Joseph Page,
born in Groton, Mass., died possibly in Ringe, NH. Married Deborah Gould.
3. Sarah Page,
married Isaac Farnsworth
4. William Page,
married (July 11, 1733) Sarah Stevens of Andover.
5. David Page,
married (June 22, 1735) Priscilla Boynton.
6. Nathaniel Page,
born Sept. 4, 1702, in SC; died 1779, in Rindge, NH; 77 years old. Married (Dec. 25, 1733) Mercy Gould.
7. Johnothan Page,
born Jan. 5, 1710. Married Mary Farnsworth of "Turkey Hills".
8. John Page,
died 1740, in a Spanish expedition to Jamacia.



Fifth Generation—
Joseph Page, born in Groton, MA, died possibly in Ringe, NH. Married (Dec. 3, 1730) Deborah Gould, born Sept. 23, 1707, died Nov. 7, 1767, in Lunenburg, MA; 60 years old. She was the daughter of Thomas and Marcy Summer Gould.
Joseph was active in the affairs of Lunenburg, as were all his brothers. The year his wife died, at age 60, he moved to Rindge, New Hampshire, the pioneering spirit stirring again.
1. Joseph Page,
born Aug. 10, 1731; died July 1, 1736; five years old.
2. Deborah Page,
born April 11, 1733; died March 1758; 25 years old. Married Joseph Platts.
3. Marcy Page,
born March 2, 1735; died June 21, 1736; one year old.
4. Joseph Page,
born Feb. 21, 1737; died young.
5. Hannah Page,
born March 22, 1739.
6. Elizabeth Page,
born April 24, 1741; died Sept. 28, 1824; 83 years old. Married Thomas Wright of Lunenburg. They had three children. Second marriage, Joseph Platts, her brother-in-law.
Amos Page,
born June, 2, 1743, in Lunenburg, MA, died March 16, 1819, in Baltimore, VT. Married Elizabeth Randall.
8. Joseph Page,
born June 22, 1745. Went to Rindge, NH, with his father.
9. Susanna Page,
born April 24, 1747; died Aug. 24, 1840; 93 years old.
10. Abijah Page,
born May 14, 1749; died July 19, 1836, in Rindge, NH; 87 years old. Married (April 21, 1784) Mary Sawtell.



Sixth Generation—
Amos Page, born June, 2, 1743, in Lunenburg, MA, died March 16, 1819, in Baltimore, VT. Married (Dec. 10, 1772) Elizabeth Randall, bapt. Oct. 27, 1745, died Nov. 10, 1836, in Sudbury, VT. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Lydia Stevens Randall. Amos fought in the American Revolution. The family moved to Baltimore Township, VT, around 1795.
As of 1951, Amos’ house in Lunenburg was still standing, and owned by Mr. & Mrs. George Wazel. It was probably built about 1772, and has been remodeled several times. April 19, 1775 the battle of Lexington was fought, the first battle of the Revolution. Amos’ name is on the muster roll in Lunenburg dated April 20, 1775. He fought first under the command of George Kimball. Later in the spring he enlisted as a private in the Massachusetts troops under Capt. Houdin, and served three years. He later received a pension at the Vermont agency, along with his surviving children, Amos, Abel, and Deborah Page Little. Amos’ oldest son, Benjamin, bought property in Baltimore, VT, in 1796, and apparently others of his family followed.
Benjamin Page,
born May 29, 1773; in Lunenberg, Worcester Co., MA, died Nov. 17, 1840, in Baltimore, VT; 67 years old. Baptized Nov. 20, 1773. Married Huldah Cheney.
2. Asa Page,
born Jan. 1, 1775.
3. Lydia Page,
bapt. Sept. 21, 1777.
4. Amos Page,
bapt. June 20, 1779, in Lunenburg, Worcester Co., MA, died March 17, 1860, in Baltimore, Windsor Co., VT; about 81 years old. Married (ca. 1813) Nancy Robinson, born Sept. 13, 1781, in Andover, Essex Co., MA, died Dec. 11, 1860, in Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA, 79 years old. Moved to Baltimore about 1818. Amos was a farmer like his brother, and known to be industrious. Baltimore records show that he was prosperous, until he mortgaged his farm in 1843 (for $57.71) to settle the expenses of some litigation. The next year he placed two more mortgages on it. In 1848 he sold his farm for $1100. But by 1854 he was receiving aid from the town of Baltimore. In 1855 he was ill and lived with son Raymond, who received money for board and nursing--at one time the overseer paid 38 cents for rum and sugar for Amos, an old-time cure. He died in poverty. We are not sure how many children Amos and Nancy had, some of them are listed below. Of all the children, all had died by 1878 except George and the sisters Abigail and Roxanna [see Emery’s letter to H. Biglow].
5. Betty Page,
bapt. April 30, 1787.
6 Abel Page,
bapt. Dec. 26, 1784. Information about his children is from a letter Emery wrote to his brother-in-law Harvey Biglow in 1878.
7. Deborah Page,
bapt. Feb. 25, 1787. Married Justice Little.
8. Sarah Page,
bapt. Oct. 2, 1791.



Seventh Generation—grave of Benjamin Page
Benjamin Page born May 29, 1773, in Lunenburg, MA, died Nov. 17, 1840, in Baltimore, VT; 67 years old. With his parents, moved to Baltimore Township, Vermont, in about 1796. There he married [Dec. 31, 1800] a local girl, Huldah Cheney, born Nov. 23, 1778, in Baltimore; died April 15, 1860, in Union, WI; 81 years old.
Benjamin was one of the township’s largest farmers. In 1803 he was made treasurer, surveyor of highways and pound-keeper--he held the office of town treasurer on and off until 1822. In 1824 he was elected (with 28 votes, all the legal voters in town!) first town representative to the Vermont Legislature. In 1831 and several years following he had the highest balance for taxation of any man in town. In 1838 (probably due to poor health) he sold his farm, moved to live with his son Lucius in Weathersfield, and invested his money in real estate. He and Huldah were living with son Lucius at the time of his death--he is buried in the cemetery in North Springfield--we found his grave near that of daughter Huldah and his wife’s parents,
Waldo Cheney and Priscilla Bowen.
Daughter Eliza and her husband Luke moved to Wisconsin in 1838, shortly after the Blackhawk Indian Wars had come to an end there, and the territory was opened to safe settlement. They wrote home, urging the rest of the family to join them. After father Benjamin’s death, they gradually did. Only Asa did not go west as far as Wisconsin, instead he went to New York. Emery and his family spent time in Wisconsin during two pastorates in Madison and Berlin, but they later moved on farther west. Huldah moved to Wisconsin with some of her children and died there. She was buried in the old Baptist Church cemetery in Union. (Of the spouses listed below, Harvey Biglow, Jewett Boynton, and Luke Stoughton were all cousins, the grandsons of Col. John Boynton.)
1. Lorenda F. Page,
born April 8, 1802, in Baltimore, VT; died Oct. 23, 1882; 83 years old. Married (Dec. 7, 1824, in Baltimore, VT) Harvey Biglow, born June 12, 1799, in Weathersfield, VT; died July 5, 1889, in Rutland, WI; 90 years old. Both were buried in Brooklyn, WI. They moved to Rutland, Wisconsin about 1844. They helped start the Baptist Church in Union, where Harvey served as deacon until his death.
2. Asa Page,
born April 22, 1804. Married Mary Smith. Both had died by 1878. They were buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. His was the only family that didn’t move to Wisconsin. He apparently grew very prosperous--in a letter, Emery commented that his daughter Amelia had inherited at least $20,000!
3. Caroline Page,
born Jan. 31, 1806; died Feb. 20, 1892; 86 years old. Married (Oct. 31, 1826, in Springfield, Windsor Co., VT) Jewett Boynton, Jr, born June 9, 1802; died July 28, 1865; 63 years old. They moved to Wisconsin in 1845. Jewett was deacon in the Union Baptist Church until his death. He was delivering wood to Stoughtons when his horses bolted and threw him, breaking his neck when he fell.
After her husband died, Caroline went to Stoughton to care for her uncle, Lothrop Cheney, who was blind by then. After his death in 1881, she returned to Vermont, where she married (Sept. 22, 1881) Rev. Baxter Burrows, who was the widower of her first husband’s sister. He took the pastorate of the Baptist Church in Ludlow, VT, after Joseph M. Graves left it in 1840.
4. Eliza Page,
born May 24, 1807, in Baltimore, VT; died April 16, 1891, in Minneapolis, MN; 81 years old. Married (Feb. 18, 1836, in Baltimore, VT) Luke Stoughton, born Dec. 10, 1799, in Weathersfield, VT; died Aug. 15, 1874; 74 years old. Both were buried in Stoughton, WI, the town that had been named for them. The family were staunch Universalists. Luke’s grandfather, Joseph Stoughton was with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys in the defense of Fort Ticonderoga during the Revolution. They moved to Wisconsin in 1838, the first of the family to make the move. They bought a piece of land in 1847, built a grist mill and saw mill, and induced other settlers to come, thus founding the town of Stoughton, WI. The house, remodeled and reduced in size, was owned by Elmer Falk in 1953--it is on Page Street.
5. Martha Maria Page,
born May 30, 1810, in Baltimore, VT; died April 24, 1897, buried in University Place, near Lincoln, NE; 87 years old. Married (Nov. 1831) Samuel Axtell, born Feb. 4, 1804, in Chester, VT; died April 26, 1867; 63 years old. They moved to Union, Wisconsin about 1846.
6. Huldah Page,
born May 1, 1812; died Sept. 2, 1838; 26 years old. Buried beside her father in the North Springfield Cemetery.
7. Benjamin Parker Page,
born Sept. 8, 1813, in Baltimore, VT; died Dec. 20, 1881, at Stoughton, WI; 68 years old. Married (April 1840, in Woodstock, VT) Clarinda Brown, born Dec. 15, 1817, at Woodstock, VT; died Dec. 18, 1899, at Stoughton, WI; 82 years old. They moved to Wisconsin in 1850.
8. Lucius Hubbard Page,
born Oct. 14, 1815, in Baltimore, VT; died Dec. 19, 1898, in Fulton, WI; 83 years old. Married (May 9 , 1850, in Perkinsville, VT) Lucinda Wheelock Williams, born Dec. 11, 1825, in Perkinsville, VT; died Dec. 18, 1898, in Fulton, WI; 73 years old. Both were buried in Edgerton, WI, Lucius was appointed administrator for his father’s estate. They moved to Wisconsin in 1843.
Emery Harkness Page,
born Aug. 25, 1818, in Baltimore Township, Windsor Co., VT; died May 5, 1888, in Minneapolis, MN; 70 years old. He was a Baptist minister. Married Stella Ann Susan Graves.



Eighth Generation—
Emery Harkness Page, born Aug. 25, 1818, in Baltimore Township, Windsor Co., VT; died May 5, 1888; 70 years old. Married (May 15, 1854, in Boston by her father Rev. Joseph M. Graves) Stella Ann Susan Graves, born Sept. 6, 1829, in Jericho, Chittenden Co., VT; died Aug. 3, 1909, in Minneapolis, MN; 80 years old. Emery graduated from Union Theological Seminary in 1850, and was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1853. They both died in Minneapolis, MN, and were buried in Lakewood Cemetery.
One of the entries in Stella’s trip journal from her 1874 trip to Boston was "Received from Andrew Rent--$124,45". Uncle Robert told me that Emery had saved money from working the fur business with his brothers and after putting himself through university and seminary he had enough to invest in real estate. Stella wrote in her family Bible that their second child was born "at the summit of Bunker Hill," something of which she was obviously proud. In 1876, Hiram Judson Graves gave Uncle Andrew’s address as being 6 Cedar Street, which we found on our trip to Boston as being just one block north of the Bunker Hill Monument. I believe Emery and Stella bought the house at 6 Cedar Street, and after they moved on to another pastorate, rented it to her brother Andrew, who lived there until shortly before his death in 1894.
1. Joseph Emery Page,
born March 31, 1857; died April 14, 1857; 14 days old. Born and died in Newtonville, Middlesex Co., MA, buried in Newton Cemetery.
2. Rollin Malcolm Page,
born Jan. 19, 1859 in Charlestown, at the summit of Bunker Hill, Suffolk Co., MA, died March 15, 1862, at 6 am; 3 years old. Died in Brooklyn, NY, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Boston.
3. Leila Ada Page,
born Jan. 15, 1861, in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY; died 1942; 81 years old. Married (June 19, 1888, in Minn., MN) to Charles Wilcox. The family lived in Seattle, WA, for many years.
4. Stella Althea Page,
"Alta," born June 13, 1864, in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY; died Sept. 7, 1945; 81 years old. Uncle Robert remembers that she married, and soon divorced or separated from him, and then came to Calif. to live with Cora. Mother thought that she was only engaged and never went through with the marriage, and later lived with Leila in Washington! She is buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, next to her parents.
Andrew Forest Page,
"Forest," born Oct. 21, 1866, in Milford, Worcester Co., MA, died Nov. 11, 1932; 66 years old. He was only 5’4" tall! Married Ellen Atteberry.
6. Gracia Page,
"Grace," born Oct. 22, 1868, Ayer Junction, Middlesex Co., MA, died Sept. 14, 1884; 16 years old. Died in Minneapolis, MN and buried in Lakewood Cemetery.
7. Cora Lougene Page,
born April 4, 1871, in Madison, Dane Co., WI; died Sept. 24, 1965, in Los Angeles, CA; 94 years old. Married (July 31st in Minn., MN) to Ralph Everett Sunderland. They later divorced. She is buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis next to her parents.



Ninth Generation—Andrew Forest Page
Andrew Forest Page, "Forest," born Oct. 21, 1866; died Nov. 11, 1932, of prostrate cancer; 65 years old. Married (Oct. 9, 1900, in Boulder, CO) Ellen Atteberry, born Oct. 9, 1869, in Mt. Moriah, MO; died Oct. 28, 1957, in Riverside County Hospital; 88 years old. Both were buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Glendale, CA.
Andrew suffered many setbacks in life. In Minneapolis he went into partnership in an iron manufacturing business. When the severe 1893 depression hit, his partners took off and left him with all the bills. He suffered a nervous breakdown as a result, and Stella sent him off to California (perhaps to stay with family -- the Sunderlands?) to recover. He drove a bakery truck in San Bernardino, CA, my uncle Robert remembered.
He returned to Minnesota, and then headed west to Colorado, where he got a job cutting timber. Eventually he worked in the mines there, and during that time he met Ellen. Death was common in the mines -- Ellen’s first fiancé died in a mine explosion, as did several others in the Atteberry family. Forest had a close call -- he passed out just after setting the match to explosives in the mine. His future brother-in-law Paul Pilger looked back to see him slumped over the explosives, and went back to drag him out of the shaft in time. Ellen told him she wouldn’t marry him unless he gave up the mines. He did. He borrowed money from Cora’s husband, Ralph, and opened a small grocery store. It failed, too. So from then on he determined to be satisfied to earn only what his own labor could bring in--working with a pick and shovel for $2 per day.
At the time of daughter Dorothy’s birth, the family was living at 455 Arapahoe, in Boulder. About 1918 they moved to Hermosa Beach, CA, and later to Palm Springs and Banning to take a "desert cure" for their tubercular daughter, Gwendolyn.
1. Ralph Atteberry Page,
born Feb. 23, 1902, in Boulder, CO; died Dec. 24, 1965, of testicle cancer, in Alhambra, CA; 63 years old. He was a school teacher in Alhambra. Married (June 6, 1929) Frances, born Oct. 31, 1903, in Topeka, KS; died March 19, 1988; 85 years old.
2. Robert Forest Page,
born Oct. 4, 1904, in Boulder, CO; died Oct. 31, 1993, of bone cancer, in Riverside, CA; 89 years old. Married (July 3, 1947) Mable Agnes Dawkins, born June 5, 1903; died Feb. 3, 1951; 47 years old. They were married less than four years when she died. (Her parents were Matthew Allen Dawkins and Mary Anna Blue--she was a descendant of George Washington!) They had no children. Robert worked for many years with a Spanish-speaking church in Riverside.
3. Mary Gwendolyn Page,
"Gwendolyn," born Sept. 21, 1906, in Boulder, CO; died June 15, 1932, of tuberculosis; 26 years old. The family moved to Palm Springs and Banning, in hopes that the drier climate would help her. In spite of being ill, was always cheerful, always concerned about caring for those "less fortunate than herself"--from her bed she wrote letters to other invalids, encouraging them with scripture, and praying for their salvation. Not married.
Dorothy Gailyn Page,
born March 10, 1910, in Boulder, CO; died March 11, 1992, of pancreatic cancer; 82 years old. Married Elwood Burton Jost.



Tenth Generation—Dorothy Page Jost
Dorothy Gailyn Page, born March 10, 1910, in Boulder, CO; died March 11, 1992, of pancreatic cancer; 82 years old. Married (Sept. 11, 1932, in Banning, Riverside Co., CA) Elwood Burton Jost, born March 10, 1907, in Los Angeles, CA (on Orange St., which is now Wilshire Blvd.); died July 4, 1992; 85 years old. Dorothy and Elwood were both buried in San Gorgonio Memorial Park, in Banning.
1. Leonard Elwood Jost,
"Len," born in Redlands, CA (there was no hospital in Banning at the time). He owned several businesses at different times, and most recently was vice-president of Academy Insurance, which sells insurance to men on military bases. Married Donna Gray. They had two children, and later divorced. Second marriage, to Rheamae Popick.
2. Janice Gwendolyn Jost,
born in the family home on the corner of First and Gilman Streets, in Banning. Married (in Banning) Ralph Brand Sutton, "R.B.," born in Clovis, NM. After the children were grown Janice became executive secretary to the president of California Baptist College. R.B. worked for Western Electric for a number of years, then transferred to their sister company, Pacific Bell. He retired in 1994.
3. Clarence Leroy Jost,
"Lance," born in Riverside Community Hospital, in Riverside, CA. It was during WWII, so the doctor took Dorothy to the hospital in his car in case of a blackout—he had special headlights that could be used during a blackout—Elwood followed in his own car. Married Donna.
4. Pauline Ruth Jost,
"Polli," born in the newly built Banning Hospital. It was snowing while she was born. When told that a few years later, she cried because Mother told her that the "mean nurses" wouldn’t let her go out and play in the snow at the time! Married (at Church on the Way, in Van Nuys, CA) Randall Lee Turner, "Randy" born in Pomona, CA.


The History of the Town of Baltimore, Vermont, by Annie M. Pollard. Copyright 1954, published by the Vermont Historical Society.
The Page Descent, by Charles L. Peirson, 1915.
The Wisconsin Page Pioneers and Kinsfolk, by Ethel McLaughlin Turner, Paul Boynton Turner, and Lucia Kate Page.
Genealogical Research in England PAGE,George Andrews Moriarty, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Vol. 105, Jan. 1951, pp. 25-32, also Vol. 101, p. 245.
Thanks also to George W. Page for corrections consistent with his considerable research on the Page family.


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