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Back in 1994, I wrote a request to Country Magazine's "Can You Help Me?" column:
"My maiden name is Jost, which is an unusual name. My great-grandfather was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and his great-grandfather was born in Strasbourg. I'd like to hear from any other Josts out there!"

The response was overwhelming! Over the next five years I received close to 400 responses. Most told me of Josts they knew, or had gone to school with. Others sent Josts they found in their local phonebooks. Some used their computer cds and printed out all the Josts in the US for me!

But I heard from a number of Josts, as well. Jeff Jost was one of Josts I met. He eventually took the information I collected on all those Josts and created this webpage for me.

If you would like your name and info added to this page, please contact me here!

Jeff and I hope you will enjoy this information, and perhaps find some long lost cousins or friends here!

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World Wide Web Sites by Various Josts

Jeff Jost Kathy Shouse
Home Page
Lance Jost Designs
(my brother)

Polli's Place
Jost Family History

Thomas Jost Mangos
(aka Thomas Schift)
Allan G. Jost's
Nova Scotia Josts
Web Site
Bill Diederich -- the history of the Yost/Jost families migrating to the US during the Colonial Era. Joe Jost's Tavern more


Index of various Josts searching for their heritage.  Feel free to contact any of them
(Sorted in Alphabetical Order by First Name)


Ada (Yost) Weber Milverton, Ontario Her paternal grandfather was a Jost from Germany, but changed his name to Yost when he settled in Canada. Interesting to note, her maternal grandmother's maiden name was also Jost. She and her husband were from Darmstadt-Baden, and arrived on the same boat as her Jost grandfather!
Alice Ziegler Grand Rapids, MI n/a
Allan G. Jost Halifax, Nova Scotia Web Pages:
Nova Scotia Josts Web Site
Allen & Dorothy Jost Naples, FL

My family originated in Switzerland and in about 1300 migrated to Schillingen, Germany. The family prospered there and in the early 1700's one of my ancestors left Schillingen and moved to Trier (a distance of about 35 Km) and started the Jost Bakerei. In 1846, my grandfather, Nicholas Jost, left there and migrated to Michigan and eventually Wisconsin.
The bakery is still in Trier and has grown to a large business and is run by Dieter Jost who is the business manager and his sister Bridget Berg who is the Master Baker and Cakemaker. Both Bridget and Dieter speak English and are really great people. I first met Bridget when she was about 13 years old when I came to visit her Grandmother who knew my grandfather.
The business is located at Gartenfeldstr. 9, 55 Trier. Their website is

Andrew & Clarissa Jost Huntington, NY Andrew was born in Paris, France, as was his father Jean-Emelie Jost, and his father Jacques Jost. Clarissa says that the family had ties to Alsace Lorraine.
Andy Weir Australia Descendant of Reading, Pennsylvania Josts after GF Charles Jost went to sea in 1878 and settled in Australia. Is the son of Prof. J. William Jost and was born in New York where his father originally settled before moving to PA. Ancestors are from Hessen, Germany, Dietzenbach, Essenhiem, Strastbourg, & Pirmassens.


Brent Rowell I have an unusual request. I am researching the history of a company in Bombay India which is now called "Jost's Engineering". The company was started in the mid-late 1800s by a "Carl Jost" who referred to himself as a "citizen of the Austro-Hungarian empire".
Unfortunately no one in the present company today knows anything about Carl Jost. He first started the company in Bombay that was called "C. Jost & Co."
and dealt in telephones and other devices imported from Germany.
I would like to find out more about this "Carl Jost". Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions? I would be looking for an immigrant from somewhere in Austria/Hungary around 1880 or before. Although he may have lived the rest of his life in India, it is also possible that he returned to his homeland.
Carl & Blanche Jost Vineland, NJ Carl tells me that his immigrant ancestors were John Jost and Mary Dirks. John was born in Trier, Germany, in 1846. Of their ten children, the first six were born in Scott County, MN, and the rest in New Jersey.
Caroline Stroschein Sheboygan Falls, WI Her mother was Caroline Jost, daughter of Oscar Jost (part of a large family of Josts), who was killed in an industrial accident when she was seven years old. She says that they have not kept in touch with the rest of Oscar's Jost relations, but she knows there are many still in Cleveland, WI.
Chester Jost Bakersfield, CA Owns the Jost Floor Company there.
Connie Jost Paramount, CA Daughter of James Jost
Cosette L. Vautrin Portland, OR Cosette was born in the Lorraine region of France, and came to the US in 1951. She will check further, but remembers seeing the Jost name in the line of her grandfather Francois Tritz, who was born in 1847--one of his ancestors was Jost Tritz! Her family was in the Alsace-Lorraine back as far as the 1500's!
Dana Jost Medford, MA Dana's great-grandfather was Robert Jost, who was born in Boston about 1833. Robert's father was Joseph Jost, who may have been born in Germany. There is a family tradition that their Josts arrived in the US by way of Nova Scotia, but they have no information yet to support that.
Dean & Margaret Jost Rock Falls, IA Dean's grandfather was Leopold Anton Jost, of Polna, Czechoslavakia. He brought his family to the US about 1890, where he settled them on a farm in Plymouth, IA. Dean's father was August "Gus" Frank Jost, who stayed in Iowa, but his uncle, Leopold Jr., moved to Salt Lake City, UT, and changed his name to Yost. There is a family tradition that others of Leopold Anton's brothers moved to different areas of the US, but they lost contact.
Debra (Jost) Detreville Raleigh, NC Both descended from Peter Jost, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1856, settling in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin.
Desiree Braithwaite (JOST) Alberta, Canada I am the great great grand-daughter of Jacob George JOST who immigrated to South Africa after signing on in the British Military as part of the British German Legion. He arrived in South Africa in 1857 after signing on in 1855 in Britain. In films from his native town Betzingen I have seen, it notes that he went to South Africa in 1858 with Katharina Gafelburger. He must have gone back to fetch her. Perhaps they were betrothed to be married. There is no marriage entered for them on this film.  His mother was Barbara SAUER and his father Johann George JOST.  Perhaps someone out there is related or can help me “prove” my legal attachment to him.
Doris Biels Kaase Taylor, TX Her great-grandfather was a Jost, born in Switzerland. She mentions that he has other ancestors still living in Texas.
Dorothy Hopkins Francisco, IN About 1900, Daniel Jost, her grandfather, stowed away on a cotton ship to come from Germany to America. He was 16 or 17 years old at the time.
Doug Jost Lake Oswego, OR Doug says many of the Josts in Oregon are descended from Carl Jost, who immigrated from Austria or Germany about 1880. His five sons were all born in Portland in the 1890's.
Doug Jost Halifax, Nova Scotia  
Douglas Barnes Chambersburg, PA His Jost ancestor was his 4xgreat-grandmother, Elisabetta Katrina Jost. She married about 1808, to Henrich Frühling, in Ulrichstein, Oberhessen, Germany.


Elizabeth McConochie unknown My grandmother Elizabeth Mebes (1880-1975) m. Michael Jost (ca 1880?-ca1923). His father was Franz Jost who married (Rose?) Rincha(?). [You see how much I DON'T know.] I believe Franz' father was named Peter. They were all Banat res, in Hungary first and then Romania. I think they may have come from the Alsace-Lorraine area in ca1794, as did the Mebes family. Elizabeth and Michael were both born in Hungary, later emigrated to St. Louis USA, where my uncle Nick and mother, Elizabeth were born. All returned to Romania about 1910. Later Nick and then Elizabeth returned to St. Louis. Nick had a plumbing business and was manager of the Kutis,an amateur soccer team. Elizabeth married and settled in WI. She died Oct. 8, 1996. She knew very little about either side of her family, having come to the US when whe was 18. Her mother [my grm] stayed in Romania, and with difficulty was brought to the US in 1950, forced to leave behind everything including photos, etc. I am interested in contacting those who have info on the Josts of the Alsace-Lorraine region of the 1700's and any descendants who might have migrated to the Austro-Hungarian empire, especially to the Banats
Evelyn Jost Dunnellon, FL Evelyn relates that her father lived in Weden, near Bremerhaven, Germany. Her mother was born in Elmsborn, north of Hamburg.
Fay (Yost) Osborne Citrus Heights, CA Fay has done a lot of research on the Jost/Yost families. Her first ancestor was Jacob Joust, born in Germany before1634. Some of his grandchildren moved to Switzerland to escape religious persecution, where her ancestor Christian and his wife were killed in a religious war. Their children came to the US, among them was Hans Casper Jost, who arrived in 1733 on the Samuel. He settled in Lancaster Co., PA, where he began to use the name Yost. Later he moved to Georgetown, MD. Two of his sons were gunsmiths, who provided guns for George Washington's army during the Revolution. They later moved to Virginia, where Fay was born.
Frank Grossman Portageville, NY His paternal great-grandmother was Rosa Jost, born in Tiefenbronn, Germany in 1833. Her parents were Albert and Anna Marie. She married Gottlieb Grossman, and died 1911 in Enzberg, Germany. Frank's parents were born in Germany, he was born in the US.
Frank Jost Bad Vilbel, Germany  
Gaila (Jost) Loveless Long Beach, CA Knows little about her ancestry, but her father was born in New York, married in Kansas, and later moved to Calif.
Gary Jost Bellevue, WA Gary writes that his great-grandfather, Henry Jost, emigrated from Germany between 1890 and 1900. He settled in Pekin, IL, and started his own construction business there. Gary's father was Harlan "Mike" Jost. He moved his family to Arizona in 1947, and Gary has lost contact with the cousins back in Illinois.
Geoffrey Jost Los Angeles, CA  
George & Betty Jost Hilbert, WI George's grandfather was Math Jost, born 1858 in Cristrier, Rhine Province, Germany. His parents Math & Anna Jost brought their family to America when he was six years old. George and Betty still live on the farm which his grandfather Math farmed--it has been in the family 107 years!
Gillmer J. Seegmiller Decorah, IA Gillmer's ancestors are from Alsace. He and his wife have met many relatives there. One of his cousins is married to Bernard Jost in Dorlisheim, which is near Molsheim, 10 to 15 miles southwest of Strasbourg. The family has a small winery there.
Gladys (Jost) Niewald Bland, MO Gladys says there are a lot of Josts in Gasconade, Franklin, Crawford, and Osage Counties in MO. She tells that her ancestors came from Salesta, Lorraine, which was German before 1800, and is now part of France.
Glen Jost Victorville, CA n/a


Helen Jost Malin Hillsboro, KS Peter Jost emigrated in 1824 from Gross-Heubeuden, West Prussia to the Molotschna Colony of South Russia. Peter Jr. was born there in 1829. In 1874, he and his wife Aldelgunda, made the decision to follow other Russian Mennonite families in the move to Manitoba, Canada. After a winter there, they moved south and resettled their family in the area of Hillsboro, Kansas, where their descendants are still living.
Irene Jost Martin Mount Vernon, WA Irene's father was George Jost, born in Luxembourg, Germany (about 1900?), and came to Kansas at the age of six. He later moved to Washington, where he farmed in the Skagit Valley, where his family still resides.
Jackie Strickland Oakland, NJ Jackie's first husband (who died in 1985) was Arnold Jost. His parents were Herman and May Jost, of Franklin Lake, NJ. Herman was born in 1897. Sounds like Arnold was a brother of Willard!
Jacob Jost Wiernsheim, Germany n/a
James & Mickie Jost Oklahoma

Parents are Allen & Dorothy Jost

Jeanne Marie (Jost) Strickland Berry, AL

Parents are Allen & Dorothy Jost

Jeffrey & Naomi Jost Bell Canyon, CA

Web Page: Jeff's Web Site
Parents are Allen & Dorothy Jost

Jennifer Jost Downer's Grove, IL Jennifer's grandfather and great-grandfather were born in Yugoslavia.
Jerry (Gerald) Jost Las Vegas, NV Jerry's great-grandfather was Joseph Jost, and he was born in 1835 in Vollinghausen on the Mohns River, in Prussia, Germany. He emigrated to the US in 1853 through the port of New Orleans, and settled in Iowa. In his later years he moved to South Dakota, where he was buried. 
Jim Drysdale Guysborough, 

Nova Scotia

Our line descends from Johann Georg Jost, born 1727 in Strasbourg, in the Alsace, then a German city-state. He was one of a group of German Protestants recruited by the British to help settle Halifax, Nova Scotia, between 1751 and 1753. According to the Lutheran church records of Strasbourg, there were Josts in the city at least as far back as the 1500's.
Joanna Jost La Mirada, CA  
John & Dorothy Jost Regina, Saskatchewan John was born in Poppendorf, Austria, and settled in Canada in 1952.
John & Janet Jost Brooksville, MS John was born in Gossel, KS. His grandfather was Peter L. Jost.
John & Jennifer Jost Los Alamitos, CA

Parents are Allen & Dorothy Jost

John Jost
Milwaukee, Wisconsin I'm specifically looking for information on Chicago area Josts. My father's father, Joseph George Jost, divorced his Mother (Alvina Stubenrauch) when my father was 6 years old. Some time after that he moved to Des Moines Iowa where he died. The Josts I need to find information on first are:

1. Joseph George Jost, b. 2 March 1893 (probably in Chicago), d. 13 January 1950 in Des Moines Iowa. Married Alvina Catherine Stubenrauch 28 July 1915 at a civil service in Waukegan Illinois, divorced Alvina about September 1922. Had 2 sons with Alvina, John Joseph Jost b. 3 December 1916 and James Herman b. 6 November 1918. John Joseph Jost died 23 April 1993 in Mequon Wisconsin, James Herman Jost, my father, currently lives in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin.

2.  P.C. Jost, found this name on James Herman Jost's baptism certificate from a Chicago Catholic church. May be a brother to Joseph George Jost.

3. Esther Jost, found this name on James Herman Jost's baptism certificate from a Chicago Catholic church. May be the wife of P.C. Jost or a sister to Joseph George Jost
Jon & Eleanor Jost Hillsboro, KS Dan S. Penner's late wife Marlyn Jost Penner who also happens to be Roger Scott Jost's great aunt.
June and Lois Jost Marion, KS Neither mentioned their ancestry, but June grew up on a farm just south of Hillsboro, KS, which is just ten miles from Marion. It may be that both are part of the clan descended from Peter Jost of Gross-Heubeuden, mentioned on this page.


Karen Harrison Newark, CA Her mother was a Yost, and grew up in Melville, Montana, where her father was a cattle rancher. She also says that the name was originally Jost, but they changed the spelling so the Americans would pronounce the name correctly!
Kathy (Jost) Shouse Inverness, FL Web Page:Kathy's Web Site
The marriage license of my grandparents Wilhelm H. Jost and Bertha Petry dated Nov. 28, 1900 from the State of New York. Wilhelm was 20 years old and lived at 1201 Gates Ave. He was born in Friedenau, Berlin. His mother and father's name were August G. Jost and Wilhelmina W. Müller. Wilhelm and his brother Timolian were sent over to the US to live with a lady by the last name of Froehner after his father drowned. Wilhelm and Bertha had two children Wesley W. Jost Sr, my father, and Howard Timolian Jost. Kathy's oldest brother is Wesley W. Jost

My gggrandfather was Leopold Jost. In 1854, he and his wife Auguste Schroeder baptized their son Johann Leopold August Jost in the church in Templin, Germany. Templin is about 30 miles north of Berlin. Both August and his father Leopold were artists.  August married Caroline Ottillie Hermine Moller and lived in Berlin with their sons Hermann Alfred Willy and Gustav August Timoleon Jost. In 1890, the boys immigrated to the US after their father drowned in Wilmersdorfer See in Berlin. They lived in Brooklyn with their Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Bertha Moller.

Katherine Jost Claussen Villard, MN n/a
Kathy Brehm LaPella

Kathy's site gives her Jost/Yost line. She says they are Germans from Russia:
Kathy Brehm LaPella 
Harold Brehm
Sam Brehm
Nicholas Brehm married Margaret Jost - both from Norka, Russia (changed to Yost in the US)
Peter Jost 05 Nov 1838
Heinrich Johannes Jost I b 22 May 1813
Conrad Jost I 26 Jan 1794
Johann Georg Jost I b 1748
Georg (Jost) Yost b 1719 in Isenburg, Hesse now Germany
Kevin and Candy Jost Syracuse, NY Kevin's immigrant ancestor was Casper Jost, of Algesheim, Germany (somewhere near Munich), but they don't know the year he came. Kevin's grandparents were Chauncy and Emma Jost--both of whom were somehow descended from Casper! The family settled in New York.
Larry T. Jost St. Louis, MO Larry's grandfather, Louis Joseph Jost, was born 1902 in Graz (Budapest), Austria-Hungary. He came to the US, where he married and had children in Milwaukee, WI.
Lawrence & Helen Jost Garden City, TX Lawrence also descends from Matthew and Elizabeth Jost.
Leona (Jost) Way Marietta, GA Leona shares with me that she has been in the US for the last 2½ years, since her marriage to her American husband, Scott. She mentions that there are Josts now living in Germany, between Frankfurt and Siegen. I assume that is where she is from, also!
Leona Balmer-Jost Wilderswil, Switzerland Leona writes that she heard of my query in Country magazine, because she has Jost relatives in Wisconsin!
Ryan Jost Albany, MN Leonard's immigrant ancestors were Joseph Jost and Mary Dedricks, born in Trier, Germany. Their son Nick was born in Tinta, MN, in 1892. Nick and his wife had fourteen children, of whom Leonard was the oldest boy.
Louise (Jost) Yampolsky San Antonio, TX Her grandfather, August Jost, and his brother Henry Jost came from Germany during the 1800's and settled near Fredricksburg, TX. She mentions that Fredricksburg is a German community, and has been restored and is now a tourist attraction.
Mark Jost Ames, IA n/a
Marshall T. White Rialto, CA His mother was a Yost. Marshall has traced the family back 13 generations to Jacob & Rachael Jost, who emigrated from Franconia, France in 1727, settling in Philadelphia, PA. The British colonists in Philadelphia spelled the name as it was pronounced, thus resulting in the difference in spelling.
Mary Alice Yost unknown I have my Jost ancestry back to 1600's in the Reichelsheim, Hessen Darmstadt, Germany area. My immigrant ancestors were Johann Georg Jost and his wife Anna Katharina Kempf who came to the US (Tippecanoe County, Indiana) in 1853. My grandfather was their son Andrew Yost who was born in 1859. Last year I went to Reichelsheim to see the area and met an 8th cousin and a few other distant cousins. I am interested in talking to anyone who might be related to my ancestors.
Mary Jost Granger Irons, MI n/a
Michael Jost Paramount, CA Son of James Jost
Nellie Jost Comstock Park, MI A clan of Josts in Michigan are descended from Peter Jost, born about 1794, in Alsace Lorraine. (It is believed that their family can be traced to Augustus St. Just, an officer in the French Army during the French Revolution, which began in 1789. He and his family fled for safety across the border to the Alsace-Lorraine, and changed their name to Jost.) Peter's son Jacob emigrated to the United States in 1846 on the ship Garrone. His family lived in Maryland for a time, before they settled in Alpine Township, Michigan. Nellie's husband Raymond (who died in 1958) descended from Jacob Jost.  Jacob's youngest son was Frank Clemens Jost and Raymond was the only son of four children.
Nina Jost Mauston, WI Her husband Leonard died 10 years ago. His grandfather was born in France or Switzerland, near the German border.
Norm Jost Bellingham, WA His great-grandfather migrated to Saskatchewan, Canada, from the Ukraine region of Russia. His grandfather moved on to Kansas, and later to California. He didn't give names, I wonder if he is related to the Hillsboro clan above?
Polli (Jost) Turner Mount Vernon, WA  
Regine Jost Wiernsheim, Germany n/a
Paul & Jeannette Jost Morris, MN n/a
Robert Jost Satanta, KS n/a
Robert Jost Lake Suzy, FL Robert was born in Staten Island, NY. He has been told that his grandparents were from Germany, but he doesn't know where.
Roger Scott Jost unknown Son of Eldon L. Jost; Grandson of Frank R. Jost who farmed in Hillsboro, KS

Dan S. Penner, a dentist from Hillsboro, Kansas, married my aunt RENA MARLYS JOST some 52 years ago. He recently passed away. He has children in McPherson, KS; Grant, Nebraska; Missouri and California. I could easily dig up more information if needed. Please contact me at

Roger Yost  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada My grandfather, Johann Jost (Yost) came to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (via Hamburg, Ellis Island and Minneapolis) in 1898 from the village of M|nchenthal in the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia. This village, now called Muzylowice, Ukraine is near Lemberg (Lviv). His wife, Elizabeth Petri (Petrie), came from a nearby village called Weissenberg (also called Bialogora).

In researching the family I have come across other older descendants with surnames of Aif (Eif), Boni (Poni), M|ller, Sch|tz and Lang. I would appreciate having this information posted on the Jost website & if anyone is interested they could email me at

Ruth (Jost) Odland Detroit Lakes, MI n/a
Ryan Jost S. Range, WI His ancestors are from southern Germany, near the Trier area. They settled in central Minnesota.


Sarah Jost Cleveland, WI Sarah tells me that her parents are Randy & Kathy Jost.
Shirley Jost Coeur d'Alene, ID Shirley's husband (now deceased) was Richard Stanley Jost. He was born in Mount Vernon, WA, in 1927, to George and Velma Jost. Was he the brother of Irene, above?
Stephanie Jost Boise, ID Stephanie sent me a photocopy of a Jost family crest, and a description of it and explanation of the origins of the name. The information was from the Historical Biographical Lexicon of Switzerland, and was printed by E. Thirstein & Son in the town of Bowil (where is that???). I hope to hear more of her family origins!
Steve Jost DePaul, IL  
Steve Lowery Somewhere in VA? The Yost branch of my ancestry can be traced to a George Benjamin Yost (no dates but born about 1800-10) who was married to Martha Chaplin and they were living in Virginia when their son John was born. Since Fay's ancestors are also from Virginia, I wonder if we might find a connection.
Thomas Jost Mangos Germany

Thomas is very interestedhas done research on the Jost name in Germany. He at one time had his own website for his German research, but I have saved some of it and included it here.
Click here for more information

Steven L. Jost Marion, KS n/a
Susan Jost Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia n/a
Thomas & Rita Jost Junction City, OR Tom's GGGgrandfather was William J. Jost, born 1802 in Strasbourg. Son William Justice Jost married Mary von Huentier in Essenheim, Germany. About 1870, they settled in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Walter & Edna Jost Denton, TX Edna writes that Dale's parents were Christian and Mary Jost. They came to the US from Zweibrücken, in East Germany.
Walter Jost Littleton, CO Martin Jost was born in Stolp Münde, Pommern, Germany. His son Martin Wilhelm Jost was born 1851 in Cross Garde in Stobapas Districh, Germany. He married and raised his family in Chicago, Illinois.
Wesley W. Jost Wall, NJ He tells me that his grandfather Wilhelm Jost was born in Germany, and will send more details. He has a daughter named Polly! His younger sister is Kathy Shouse.
Wilbert & June Jost San Angelo, TX Wilbert's father was Peter William Jost, born 1881 in Werschetz, Hungary, to Matthew and Elizabeth Jost.
Willard Jost Dublin, NH Willard's grandparents were Sebastian Herman and Mary Louise Jost, from somewhere in Germany. Sebastian was born there in 1850. His father was Herman Paul Jost, born Jersey City, NJ, in 1897. He married May Vorhees.


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