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The Dykes Family

First Generation--
George Dykes (or Dikes), died 1790, in Richmond Co., GA. Married Unity. They moved, soon after the Revolution, from North Carolina to Richmond Co., GA. After George’s death, Unity and her children moved to Effingham Co., GA. Some of her children were:
Martha Dykes,
"Patsy," born ca. 1782, in Pitt Co., NC; died Oct. 10, 1869; in Ware Co., GA; about 87 years old. Married (July 4, 1794, in Effingham Co., GA)
James Garrison, born ca. 1772, in Duplin Co., NC.
2. Noah Dykes,
3. Rebecca Dykes,
4. Jesse Dykes, married Mary. They had sons Jesse D. and George D. Dykes, and daughter Pansy Dykes, wife of Turney Willis.


The Lambeth Family

First Generation--
John M. Lambeth, born ca. 1810 in NC. Married Ann E., born ca. 1814, in NC or SC. In 1850 and 1860 censuses, the family was found in Coffee Co., AL. In 1880, they were in Escambia Co., AL. Patrick Kohler, who provided me with his information and research, was unable to find them in the 1870 census. Since seeing my information on Nancy’s marriage into the Garrison family, he now believes that the Lambeth family may be found in Covington Co., AL, near the Garrisons, in the 1870 census.
In his letter to me, Patrick quipped, "I never expected to find anyone. . .that might have a connection to my ancestors in southern Alabama. I tell people that ‘my family was so far in the sticks that they had to pipe in sunlight!’.
1. William L. Lambeth,
born July 10, 1832, in NC; died May 30, 1908, in Escambia Co., AL; 75 years old. Married Martha J., born May 11, 1835; died June 4, 1918; 83 years old. Both were buried in Travelers Rest Cemetery.
2. John J. Lambeth,
born ca. 1835, in GA. Married (?) Catherine.
Nancy E. Lambeth,
born Dec. 20, 1837, in AL; died Jan. 16, 1903, in Rogers, Bell Co., TX; 65 years old. Married
Levi Garrison, born Dec. 1827, in GA; died Feb. 2, 1865, in Camp Chase, GA (a Union POW camp); 37 years old. After Levi’s death, Nancy remarried (about 1865) W. S. Whaley. The 1850, 1860, and 1880 census shows her middle initial as A., but her son’s family Bible gives her initial as E.
4. Ann J. Lambeth,
born ca. 1840, in AL.
5. Stephen S. Lambeth,
born ca. 1839. Married Nancy, born ca. 1837.
6. Mary C. Lambeth,
born ca. 1841.
7. Martha M. Lambeth,
born ca. 1844.
8. Orphy E. Lambeth,
born ca 1846.
9. Joseph B. Lambeth,
born May 10, 1845; died July 28, 1876; 31 years old. Married (?) Caroline.
10. James M. Lambeth,
a twin, born Oct. 25, 1850. Married Rebecca, born about 1856.
11. George W. Lambeth, a twin, born Oct. 25, 1850; died Feb. 9, 1905, in Escambia Co., AL; 54 years old. Buried in New Bethlehem Cemetery. Married Eliza A. White, born Feb. 1851; died Sept. 6, 1925; 74 years old. My contact, Patrick Koehler, descends from George and Eliza.
12. Elijah Lambeth,
born ca. 1854.



The Higgins Family

First Generation --
John Higgins, born ca. 1783. Married Mary Huff, born ca. 1785, in SC; died 1890, in Lampasas Co., TX; probably 105 years old. She was buried in the Higgins Cemetery, in Lampasas Co. In the 1870 census, she was listed as 80 years old. In the 1890, she reported that she was 105! She was said to been 114 at the time of her death--sounds like she wasn’t too sure about it!
John was a missionary among the Cherokee Indians, and Mary may have been the daughter of an Indian chief.
It has not been proven yet that John and Mary were the parents of these children, but it is very likely. We know that their mother was a Mary, and probably the father died before the family emigrated to Texas. All the sons served in the Confederate Army, as did Nancy’s husband, serving from Coryell and Bell Counties. In her later years, Mary lived with Nancy’s family.
1. William R. Higgins,
born ca. 1815, in SC. Married Malinda, born ca. 1814, in GA.
2. Porter Higgins,
born ca. 1817, in SC. Married Elizabeth Ann, born ca. 1820, in GA.
3. Richardson B. Higgins,
born ca. 1821, in SC. Married Jane West, born ca. 1831, in SC.
4. John Holcomb Higgins,
born Jan. 17, 1823, in DeKalb Co. (?), GA; died Sept. 10, 1903 (or Feb. 22, 1909), in Gravis, TX; 80 (or 86) years old. He was buried in the Rock Church Cemetery, in Lampasas Co., TX. Married (before 1847) Hester West, born Sept. 17, 1826, in SC.
5. Newton Green Higgins,
born Oct. 15, 1823, in DeKalb Co. (?), GA; died May 22, 1907, in Lampasas Co., TX; 83 years old. Buried in the Higgins Cemetery. Married (ca. 1851, in DeKalb Co., GA) Ruth Ann, "Ruthie."
Second marriage, Nancy Adeline Carroll, "Aunt Puss." They had no children.
7. W. P. Higgins,
born ca. 1825, in GA. Not certain that this was a son--his name may have been William P. May have been a cousin.
Philo H. Higgins,
"Dock," born Nov. 30, 1831, in Marietta, Cobb Co., GA; died Oct. 21, 1909 in Altus, OK; 78 years old. Married Louise Elender Freeman.
8. Nancy Jane Higgins,
born ca 1837, in GA. Married (Sept. 9, 1852, in De. Kalb Co., GA) J. L. Baker. Not certain this was a child of John and Mary. I think it more likely that she was the daughter of the first son, William R. Mary lived with her in her later years.



Second Generation--
Philo H. Higgins, born Nov. 30, 1831, in Marietta, Cobb Co., GA; died Oct. 21, 1909 in Altus, OK; 78 years old. Married (1856, in Coryell or Lampasas Co., TX) Louise Elender Freeman, born Aug. 22, 1832, in Springfield, IL; died Nov. 18, 1909 in Altus, OK; 77 years old. They both were converted and joined the Church of Christ in 1863, under the ministry of Brother Steward.
Louise and her parents (her father may have been Young Freeman) moved to Texas in 1836, then to Arkansas a year later, then back to Lamar Co., TX a year later. They stayed in Lamar Co. until April 1854, when they moved to Lampasas Co.
Sometime after his birth, Philo’s parents moved their family to Atlanta, and in 1853 to Cass Co., TX. A year later they moved to Travis Co., and another year later to Coryell Co. In 1888, Philo and Louise moved their family to Altus, Greer Co., Oklahoma Territory. Two years before their death, the county split and the area around Altus became Jackson Co.
Philo served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
Mary Jane Higgins,
born Aug. 22, 1857, in Copperas Cove, TX; died Aug. 11, 1937, of paralysis, in Pomona, CA; 80 years old. She married (July 17, 1890, in Altus, Oklahoma Territory)
Elieazer Garrison.
2. May Higgins,
born ca. 1868. Married James Turney. She was a charter member of the Elm and Hudson congregation of the Church of Christ in Altus.
3. Cora Higgins,
born ca. 1872. Married (Jan. 15, 1899) Alva T. Fitzgerald, died Nov. 27, 1922, in Altus.
4. Lee Higgins,
(female) born ca. 1877. Married Frank Banks, "Al," and lived in Dallas, TX.
5. Philo Higgins, Jr.,
married Sally.



Second Generation--
Mary Jane Higgins, born Aug. 22, 1857, in Copperas Cove, TX; died Aug. 11, 1937, of paralysis, in Pomona, CA; 80 years old. Married (July 17, 1890, in Altus, Oklahoma Territory) Elieazer Garrison, "Eli," born Nov. 16, 1857, in Alabama (acc. to census); died April 24, 1922, of cancer, in Wilcox, AZ; 65 years old. His daughter’s family Bible gives his birthplace as FL.
The family were all members of the Church of Christ.
1. Minnie Garrison,
born 1884, in Texas; died May 9, 1973, of heart attack, in Monrovia, CA; 89 years old. Married (1903) Charlie Burks, born 1883; died June 10, 1968, of heart attack, in Pomona, CA; 85 years old.
Jewel Elender Garrison,
born Oct. 18, 1892, in Comanche, TX; died Oct. 29, 1980, in Pomona, CA; 89 years old. Married
William Nixon Turner.
3. J. D. Garrison,
"Jake," born 1893, in Oklahoma; died June 6, 1951, of heart attack in Los Angeles; 58 years old. Married (1922) Gladys McClean. Gladys was Episcopalian. His funeral service took place at St. Matthias Episcopal Church, and he was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery.
4. Levi Higgins Garrison,
born June 12, 1894, in Altus, OK; died Dec. 11, 1960, of cancer, in Dalhart, TX; 66 years old. Married Nettie Marion Morris, born July 5, 1896 in Copperas Cove, TX; died Sept. 17, 1989; 93 years old. [Her parents: Peyton Morris, born May 1, 1857, in Corley, TX; died May 5, 1932, in Dalhart, TX; 75 years old. Lula Lois Courtney, born Feb. 13, 1867, in Pickler, AR; died Feb. 19, 1947, in Dalhart, TX; 80 years old.] Levi was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Dalhart.


Research done by Iris Zimmerman, deceased, of Bertram TX
The Family Bible of Samuel Porter Higgins
The magazine,
The Frontier Times, May 1980 issue
Article in the
Altus Times-Democrat, Nov. 10, 1957

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