The Norman Family
Polli Jost Turner, Editor

First Generation--
Moses Norman, married (Oct. 3, 1795, in Rockingham Co., VA) Mary Higgins, born Oct. 1773, died Oct. 1845. Buried in Swedonia West Cemetery, Mercer Co., IL.
The family was in Martin Co., IN, in the 1820 census. In the family there were: 1 male 45 and over (Moses), 1 female 45 or over (Mary), 1 male 18-25 (Charles), 1 male 16-18, 2 males 10-15, 2 males under 10, 2 females 16-25, and 1 female under 10. So, in addition to Charles, there were 8 other children in the family. The family was still there in 1830, although Charles was then living in Vermillion county with his wife and child.
By 1840, Charles was no longer listed there, and Moses was no longer in Martin Co., although there were still Normans in the county--John W., Mary, and William. It is possible that Moses died there, and Mary remained for a time, then joined her son in Mercer Co., IL, before her death in 1845.
1. Charles W. Norman,
born Jan. 9, 1801, in Virginia; died March 8, 1892 (or Aug. 3), in Richland Grove, Mercer Co., IL; 91 years old. Married (in Vermillion Co., IN) Parthenia Arrasmith.



Second Generation--
Charles W. Norman, born Jan. 9, 1801, in Greenbrier, VA; died Aug. 3, 1892, in Richland Grove, Mercer Co., IL; 91 years old. Married (May 3, 1824, in Vermillion Co., IN) Parthenia Arrasmith, born Dec. 15, 1805, in Bourbon Co., KY; died Aug. 20, 1871; 65 years old. Both were buried in the Swedonia West Cemetery, in Richland Grove, Mercer Co., IL. They lived in Vermillion Co., IN, at the time of the 1830 census, but were in Mercer Co., IL, by 1836. In 1850 they lived in Richland Grove. According to the 1850 census, neither Charles nor Parthenia could read or write.
1. Wesley Norman,
born ca. 1825, in IN. Married Mary.
2. Sara Norman,
Moses Norman,
born ca. 1829, in Indiana. Married (Jan. 30, 1848, in Mercer, Co., IL) Elizabeth Love.
4. Elizabeth Norman,
born 1829, in Indiana. Married (Jan. 16, 1850, in Mercer Co., IL)
Horace McMullen, born ca. 1828, in NY.
5. Mary Norman,
born Dec. 13, 1836, in IL; died Aug. 21, 1908, in Farragut Co., IL; 72 years old. Married (Nov. 8, 1855, in Aledo, Mercer Co, IL)
William McMullen, born ca. 1835 in NY. They had 10 children.
6. Melissa Ellen Norman,
born Oct. 10, 1838, in Mercer Co., IL; died Oct. 9, 1903, in New Windsor, Mercer Co., IL; 64 years old. Married (Jan. 6, 1859, in Rock Island Co., IL) Orvis Charles Richmond.
6. Charles W. Norman,
born June 22, 1840, in Mercer Co., IL; died July 10, 1890; 50 years old.
7. Parthenia A. Norman,
born ca. 1842, in Mercer Co., IL. Married (Feb. 3, 1859) John C. McElhiny.
8. Malinda Norman,
born ca. 1846, in IL.
9. Aaron J. Norman,
born March 31, 1847, in IL; died Nov. 8, 1885; 38 years old. Buried in Swedonia West Cemetery.
10. George Norman,
born ca. 1857, in IL.
Abner Norman,
born ca. 1829, in Indiana. He was living with the family at the time of the 1850 census, perhaps a cousin (or perhaps Charles’ youngest brother) living with the family to help out on the farm. His name was listed after the names of the other children, and occupation was listed as laborer.


Third Generation--
Moses Norman, born ca. 1829, in Indiana, probably in Vermillion Co. Married (Jan. 30, 1848, in Mercer, Co., IL) Elizabeth Love, born ca. 1831, in IL. They settled in Lynn, Henry Co., IL.
In 1888, both offered testimony in behalf of Elsie McMullen, their daughter Mary’s mother-in-law when she sought a pension on behalf of her late husband for his service in the Civil War. At the time, they were living in Grant City, Worth Co., MO.
J. D. Love was a notary public in Madison Co., IA, in 1888, and notarized the statement of one of the witnesses on behalf of Elsie McMullen’s pension request (Elsie was the mother of William, who married Moses and Elizabeth’s daughter Mary). Perhaps he was brother to Elizabeth above. A Mary Love, born ca. 1814, also offered testimony in Mercer Co., IL, she was living in Swedonia at the time. She may have been Elizabeth’s mother. Her father may have been John Love.
1. Augustus Norman,
born ca. 1848, in IL.
2. C. Norman,
born ca. 1850, in IL.
3. Abner Norman,
born ca. 1851, in IL.
Mary Norman,
born March 10, 1855, in IL; died Oct. 13, 1925, in Ft. Collins, CO; 70 years old. Married
William McMullen.
5. N. Norman,
born ca. 1857, in IL.
6. C. Norman,
born ca. 1859, in IL.


Fourth Generation--
Mary Norman, born March 10, 1855, in IL; died Oct. 13, 1925, in Ft. Collins, CO; 70 years old. Married (ca. 1870, in IL) William McMullen, born Nov. 1851 (or 50), in Mercer Co., IL; died April 8, 1911, in Colorado; 61 years old. William and Mary were buried in Eaton Cemetery, Ward Co., CO.
William and Mary were married in Illinois, where their first child Calvin was born. They migrated to Adair Co., Iowa in 1872, where the rest of their children were born. After leaving Iowa, the family was in Longmont, CO for a time. About 1897, they homesteaded near Pierce. Cal and his family didn’t come west until about 1904. William had a livery stable in Pierce, and did a good business helping people find land, homesteads and desert claims.
1. Calvin J. McMullen,
"Cal," born Sept. 22, 1871; died July 15, 1934, in Greeley, CO; 63 years old.
2. Ella McMullen,
"Ellie," born July 17, 1878; died June 1967, in Chicago, IL; 79 years old. Married Paul Krause. Lived in Canton, Minn. in 1922, and in 1961--up to the time of Ellie’s death. They had four children, three of whom were Willy, Charlie, and Jemmy (per her niece Martha McMullen).
3. Hattie McMullen,
born Sept. 1881; died before 1961. Married ?(ca. 1899) Bensam Maxfield. They lived next door to her parents at the time of the 1900 census. Second marriage, Fred S. Richardson. Lived in Ft. Collins, and Mary was living with her at the time of her death. In later years they lived in Ponca City, OK, where they lived until her death. They had two children, both adopted: Helen and Dorothy.
4. James Vernon McMullen,
"Jim," born Nov. 17, 1886; died Dec. 15, 1961; 74 years old. Married (Aug. 6, 1909, in Denver, CO) sister-in-law Hazel June Lemonds, born June 15, 1891, in Conway, IA; died Nov. 29, 1970; 79 years old. They moved to the midwest where Jim worked in the oil fields (in 1922 they were living in Wilsall, MT), and returned to Nunn in 1930 to farm. Jim was also an auctioneer. Both were buried in the Mt. View Cemetery in Nunn, CO.
5. Alice Pearl McMullen,
born Aug. 12, 1889, in Greenfield, Adair Co., IA; died Jan. 5, 1972, in Greeley, CO; 83 years old. Married (April 16, 1908, in Pierce, CO) brother-in-law George Lemuel Lemonds ("Lem"), born in Conway, IA; died Dec. 3, 1968. They met in Pierce, and were members of the Nunn Presbyterian Church. They were buried in the Mt. View Cemetery in Nunn.

Mrs. Genevieve McMullen, for the earlier generations--
her husband is a descendant of the earlier William McMullen and Mary Norman.

Elsie McMullen’s application for pension based on late husband Major’s Civil War service,
including info from the family’s Bible

Census reports

Mattie "Boots" Barranco, for information on the Reed family


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